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Selling on DaWanda

How does selling work?

Do you like to create your own handmade items? On DaWanda, you can use this talent to make others happy, and to earn money at the same time. All you need to do is register with DaWanda, and then you can create your own shop free of charge in less than two minutes.

Just click on the link ‘Open a Shop’ in ‘My DaWanda’, or click ‘Sell’ in the navigation menu above, then provide your address and bank account info.

Then you can choose your own shop name, upload a shop banner (ideally 950x200 pixels), and write an informative and welcoming shop description, to personalise your shop and give it a high recognition-value.

Now you can click “create a new listing” to start offering your treasures for sale.

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Who can become a seller?

DaWanda is a market place for unique, handmade and customizable products. If you are producing such things, if you are an artist, a designer, a craft maker or part of a small family run business you can become a seller on DaWanda.

In addition, you can offer industrially manufactured products in both of our special categories, “Supplies” and “Vintage”, as long as they fulfill our Product Guidelines.
Please note that we do not allow people under the age of 18 to buy or sell.

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How do I register as a seller on DaWanda?

In order to sell on DaWanda, you first need to register as a DaWanda member. To start selling, you just need to provide your name, your address and information about how you would like to pay your DaWanda Fees.

Now to get started: you can set up your own shop for free! Just provide a name for your shop, set up up to 20 of your own shop categories, provide an information shop description and upload a banner (950x200px). You can even create your own shop window, to proudly display the loveliest items from your shop.

As soon as your shop has been set up, you can start listing items, and beginning to sell them.

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Which products can I sell on DaWanda?

On DaWanda, you are welcome to sell everything that is unique or limited edition, handmade, customizable and tailor-made. This can be anything: quirky jewellery, comfortable furniture, contemporary art, experimental music, cute toys, stylish clothing, the list goes on and on. What’s important is that your products are designed and created with love, and that you do not deal in mass-produced or imported goods. We call it ‘Products with Love’.

In addition, you can offer industrially manufactured products in both of our special categories, “Supplies” and “Vintage”, as long as they fulfill our Product Guidelines.
If you have any questions or are unsure, we’d be happy to help, so just ask.

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Which countries can I sell in?

On DaWanda, you can sell your products on the English DaWanda website, as well as the German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Polish sites. To list your products on other sites, all you need to do is to include your product descriptions in those languages, and your listings will automatically appear on the relevant site.

When listing in other languages, you also need to adjust your shipping details so that buyers from other countries can purchase your products. You can create a shipping profile for each individual country (e.g  France, Portugal, USA etc.) or for a region (e.g. EU, Europe, Asia, North America etc.).
To sell internationally, you should also include a translation of your shop description, shop categories and shop window in the languages that you list your products in. You can read about how to do this here.

Please keep in mind that, when you advertise your products in other languages, your buyers will ask questions in those languages and expect a response in that language too. So please ensure that you can offer effective customer service in the languages that you select for DaWanda.

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