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When you sell an item we will charge you 10% commission on the sales price of the item sold. We do not charge any fees on the shipping costs.

If you add a surcharge to an order, e.g. because you have customised an item at the buyer's request, then we calculate our commission in the same way for this surcharge. If you give a customer a discount on an order, our commission is calculated on the basis of the original price of the order. As such, the commission fee for a sale is not reduced if you provide a discount.

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Listing Fees

There are no listing fees for listing an item in any one category on the English platform, but we may launch them at some point in the future. We will make sure that you are notified well in advance.

The technical development of each language platform on DaWanda is in parallel, which means that although you are not paying any listing fees, you will see the fee structure already in place (indicating 0.00 EUR cost - until such time as the listing fees are introduced to the English platform). Where German platform users see the cost of their fees, English platform users see zero amounts.

ALL listings across all DaWanda platforms will have a duration of 120 days, and will be ended automatically. It is free to relist on the English platform.

If a listing is active, you may only change the selling price within the limitations of the listing fee table, that means if you initially chose a price below €10, you cannot raise it over €10 afterwards, if you chose a price between €10 – €20, you cannot raise it above €20; if you list an item at a price above €20, you can adjust the price freely.

We guarantee that we will inform you about new fees at least 4 weeks in advance and that you can decide whether you are willing to pay such fees or not.

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Additional Option: Listing in two DaWanda Categories

To list an item in an additional second DaWanda category costs €0.40 (incl. VAT) per listing. The fee does not change regardless of how many copies of an item are available to purchase in this listing.

If you have listed an item which renews automatically when the listing expires after 120 days, and this item is listed in a second category, then you will automatically also be charged the additional fee of €0.40 (incl. VAT) once again. FAQ point: listing in two DaWanda categories

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When a user buys something from you, (s)he needs to settle the payment within 7 days after the purchase date. When your commission fee reaches a certain amount i.e €5, we will start sending you monthly invoices. You have thus time to check our invoice and to notify us prior if anything is wrong.

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What happens if the buyer doesn’t make the payment?

If the buyer has not completed the transaction within 7 days after the confirm date please liaise with the buyer to find a solution. If you cannot find a solution please contact us and we will try to solve the situation quickly. In the case that the order is cancelled you will not be charged commission, but you must notify us of this via the invoice item comments within 3 months of the order date.

Last updated: 02.06.2014

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