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Welcome box title en

DaWanda is the online marketplace for 'Products with Love'.

It's the place where designers and creative types can offer their one
of a kind and limited edition products for sale.

Together with you we want to create a lively and inspiring marketplace, where selling products can become personal and heartfelt once again.

DaWanda News

Deactivation of SMS order notifications

SMS notifications for new orders was an additional free service which we introduced to help keep our sellers well informed of new orders made in their DaWanda shop. … read more...

Timing adjustment for DaWanda invoices: February/March 2015

To ensure accurate billing periods are calculated for invoices, the invoice date will move from the end of the month...… read more...

2014-10-15 - Personalize your shop - profile picture and shop description

Here you'll find tips to personlize your shop…

New to DaWanda?

Do you create products by hand, as a hobby or professionally? Or maybe you've got some lovely vintage pieces, or crafting supplies to offer? You can offer all these things for sale on DaWanda, not only to make money, but also to offer something special and unique to others.

It's easy to get started:



  • a free, personalisable online shop
  • comprehensive shop statistics
  • professional, personal customer service
  • 5.2 million registered members
  • 20 million visitors and 200 million page views a month
  • comprehensive marketing measures, through PR, newsletters, search-engine marketing etc.

Open your own shop

Showcase your products

  • Just click on 'Sell' to create your first product listing.
  • Upload up to four product photos per listing, and write a description of your product.
  • Your products will be available to buy on DaWanda for 120 days.
  • Get ready to win som new fans and respond to their enthusiastic comments on your products!
  • Find out how well your shop is doing by checking out your statistics.

So let's go!

  • We will let you know about orders in your shop via email and text message.
  • The buyer will pay you directly. DaWanda will inform you of the delivery address.
  • Pack and send your product to the buyer as soon as you have received payment.
  • Rate your buyer.
  • Fill your shop with new products! :)

  1. seller_portal.start.step_box_1.step_0.linktext
  2. Open your own shop
  3. Showcase your products
  4. So let's go!

Already have a DaWanda shop?



Have you already set up your own DaWanda shop and filled it with products? Perhaps you're already selling successfully, but would like to sell even more?
Then now is the time to perfect your technique and build up your shop. Here are a few expert tips to help!

Organise your shop

  • Display your favourite products in your Shop Window.
  • Organise your listings with Shop Categories.
  • Use a consistent design-style for your shop, products and photos, and give your products that recognition factor by choosing a brand name/label.

Develop your range

  • Pay attention to which of your products are the most popular, and build up your product range with similar creations.
  • Create products in advance which suit seasonal events (e.g. Mother's Day, Halloween, Xmas).
  • List your products internationally, on DaWanda's French and German sites, too.

Spread the word about your shop

Clarify legal questions

  • Have you remembered to write an Imprint and Term & Conditions for your shop?
  • Make sure that you have a clearly defined policy on returns and exchanges, which your customers can easily find in your shop.
  • Ensure that the products you are selling do not violate any registered copyright or trademark.

  1. seller_portal.start.step_box_2.step_0.linktext
  2. Organise your shop
  3. Develop your range
  4. Spread the word
  5. Legal Questions

Checklist for Sellers

So you've opened your shop? Here's a checklist to get you off to a great start:

  • Your role in the creation of the products and what methods you used is clear. And you are following the guidelines regarding which types of products are allowed on DaWanda.
  • You are offering your buyers the best possible service: several different payment options, inexpensive shipping costs and clearly-outlined (quick if possible) delivery times. You answer customer questions quickly and politely.

All done?
Then we wish you and your shop lots of success on DaWanda!