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Watch a one of a kind film!

In the beginning there were only 1,620 black and white images and an unusual idea from two students. Then within just three weeks, each image was brought to life and colour by creative DaWanda members, using paints, needle and thread, photography, even baked goods. The end result is a completely unique animated film, completely created by an internet community, which gives you something new to discover even on the tenth viewing.

See for yourself:
"Cinnamon Girl“ (Radio Edit) von [dunkelbunt] feat. Boban i Marko Marković Orkestar, vertreten durch Piranha Musik & IT AG (www.piranha.de) Song II Album

Forward video

From the first idea to the finished film: a look behind the scenes

>> Watch the 'making of' video

>> Check out the individual frames

>> The finished film and concept

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