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Looking for ways to improve your shop? Ask here for opinions, tips and advice!
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Just arrived? Settle in and say hello!
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We post updates about DaWanda frequently here, you can post your news too!
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If you're not sure how something works or have a special question, ask here!
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Everything else

If your topic doesn't fit in anywhere else, you can post it here!
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Searching for a handmade and unique item that you haven't found in the DaWanda catalogue? Post a request for it here!
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Categories & Product Characteristics

your feedback and proposals on the new category structure
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Promotions & Special offers

Promote special offers from your favourite DaWanda shop, and your own too!
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Share your business experience and learn from others!
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DaWanda Network

Would you like to connect with other DaWanda members? Find members from home and away!
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The DaWanda forum is there for you to communicate with other DaWanda members, for example about current events on DaWanda. Also, exchange great ideas, give advice and chat. Here is what we recommend:
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  • Be Discreet: Urgent problems, questions relating to orders, Copyright, the uniqueness (or not) of items, disputes or complaints in most cases should be addressed to Feedback: feedback-en@dawanda.com.
Actions that are not welcome:
  • Promoting or posting links to your other online stores. Please do not advertise other selling platforms.
  • Any unnecessary behaviour: Insults or attacks on others, and any other serious damaging behaviour is not tolerated.
  • Gossiping: the forum is not the right place to share any opinions or information in relation to a third party.
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Those who do not follow the rules will not have access to the DaWanda Forum. Please let us know if anybody ignores this Forum guideline: feedback-en@dawanda.com