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1254401678-613 DaWanda - Unique Products from Designers and Creatives

DaWanda is the online marketplace for unique and handmade products. It's the place where creatives and designers can offer their one of a kind and limited edition products for sale. DaWanda - an African woman's name - means 'something extraordinary, unlike any other'. And the name gets to the heart of it all: lovers of great design can here discover around 5.7 million products to love, and can acquire them through personal contact with the people who created them. In 340,000 DaWanda shops, creators are offering products which, in a lot of cases, have been created specifically according to the wishes of customers. And the item on offer come in all shapes and sizes, including fashion, accessories, baby items, art and home + living. There's something to love no matter what the occasion or budget.

Members are able to make personal contact with one another, and with designers, can comment on their favourite products, and pass on recommendations. This new form of electronic trading is known as 'Social Commerce', rejecting the anonymity of conventional sales portals, and exploring the people and the stories behind the products. It's a place where the individual tastes and ideas of members come together to create a more inspiring and lively marketplace. Going against the grain of industrialised mass production, the DaWanda marketplace focuses on people who are interested in responsible consumption as much as trends, who appreciate the specialness of unique products, and don't want to be anonymous buyers, no matter how easy the internet makes it.

Creative types from all over the world can use DaWanda as a platform from which they can present their creations to a broad public: the website receives 20 million visits on average per month. It acts as a springboard for emerging designers and crafters, giving them a space in which to develop their talents and build successful businesses of ther own. Each vendor can open a shop for free, to present their ideas and products within.

Anyone looking for a specific product can find it quicky and easily on DaWanda, or can browse around the vast collection for ideas. Features like the 'Gift Finder' and 'Latest Trends', plus ever-changing special features help customers with their search. Inspiration can be found by looking through lists of other members' favourites, and if you're looking for something in a specific colour, then the colour search can sort items by colour for you.

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