The Black and Tan Vegan Organic Beer Soap


Ethically Engineered

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      Product description

      The Black and Tan Vegan Organic Beer Soap - Ethically Engineered

      At a hearty 8oz this bar is twice the size of a common soap bar and will last quite a bit longer than the frothy pint that inspired me.

      This soap brings you the sensations of a stroll through the pubs of Northern Ireland in all their majesty. Using organic and vegan stout beers this bar fits squarely in the working man's calloused hand. At the dawn of the Industrial revolution, and throughout, hearty stouts were the liquid bread and energy of the factory. Mill Workers to steelworkers clamored out of the factory doors and into their cherished pub to recharge.

      Now the natural properties of vegan beer help to nourish the skin and hair. Vegan seer soap? That's right! This soap has been mixed with vegan stout beer and castor oil. Our soap is made from scratch, using the cold process method. Handmade soap contains moisturizing emollients and will leave your skin fresh and soft.

      Life. Drink it in.


      • Available in 8 oz bars.

      Materials utilised

      Coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, vegan beer, water, sweet almond oil, sustainably sourced palm kernel oil, sustainably sourced palm oil, cocoa seed butter, castor seed oil, salt

      Production method

      Made in a solar powered facility using certified organic ingredients by the Cold Process method and a two month curing time for hardness and longer lasting qualities.

      More characteristics

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