The Chicago Flag Soap Bar and Peppermint Lip Balm


Ethically Engineered

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      Product description

      The Chicago Flag Soap Bar and Peppermint Lip Balm - Ethically Engineered

      This vegan soap and peppermint lip balm are made with certified organic ingredients and solar power. The Chicago Flag Bar is in the shape of the City of Chicago Municipal Flag and it's a fun way for me to celebrate the Chicago's sustainable movement. I developed and created this bar to show the world that Chicago-ans are creative and can create beautiful handmade craft without the use of chemicals or dyes from a laboratory. The blue bars and red stars do not contain artificially bright colorants that go down your drain and pollute the waterways, bio-sphere, and our food chain. The Original Chicago Flag Bar will never be made in a way that harms the city we live in.

      The reaction to this bar has been as unique as my own experience. Some friends in from out of town have said that 'The Chicago Flag Bar' soap is a nice way to remember the city once they've returned home. Locals seem to like celebrating their favorite city and gifting this item to friends and relatives. Others, who are maybe not having a good day in the city, have even commented that it's a cathartic way to wash their naughty bits.

      Whatever your reason is to use 'The Chicago Flag Bar' soap know that it is a carbon neutral, or no-impact, product made without chemicals and harsh dyes. This bar was made using solar power, vegan and organic ingredients, as well as compost-able packaging. No muss. No fuss. That's the way we like it. The Chicago Way.


      4.5 oz peppermint soap bar with .5 oz hemp oil lip balm

      Materials utilised

      natural and organic oils including coconut, sustainably sourced palm, sustainably sourced palm kernel, sweet almond, vegetable glycerin, natural colorants and essential oils, lip balm see ind. listing

      Production method

      Made in a solar powered facility using certified organic ingredients by the Cold Process method and a two month curing time for hardness and longer lasting qualities.

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