GOD JUL Christmas banner bunting


renna deluxe

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      Product description

      GOD JUL Christmas banner bunting - renna deluxe

      Shop Category: SERIF ★ Xmas

      GOD JUL Christmas banner

      A lovely christmas bunting for your Holiday Season decoration.
      Thread the letter cards on the red-white twine and decorate your home with the festive banner. Each letter disc is stamped by hand.

      The GOD JUL garland is a beautiful decoration for Santa displays, Christmas parties and... where ever you can think of! Imaging the adorable pictures you can take using the banner as a backdrop.

      Your are looking for an individuell text?
      In my shop you will find all letters.

      Black colour: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ÄÖÜ 0123456789
      Red colour: &!? ✱(star) ♥(heart)

      Other colors: & ♥ (heart) ✱ (Star)
      pink, magenta, purple, orange, peach, yellow, green, turquoise, mint-green, light blue, buiscuit, copper, gold, silver
      The cord is in these natural colors.

      Price per character = € 1,50

      Production method

      Materials utilised
      cardboard, cord

      9 discs of thick cardboard
      diameter approx. 11 cm / 4,3"
      length of cord approx. 2 m / 80"

      More characteristics


      elegant simple
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