e.Q. Platinum Luck



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      Product description

      e.Q. Platinum Luck - UnicMatrix™

      The e.Q. Platinum Edition is the luxury, powerful alternative of the regular e.Q.'s, our colorful bracelets created to protect from EMF, enhance your physical well-being, to boost your energy and to stimulate your anti-aging-gene.

      The light green color shades represent nature, environment, health, good luck, renewal, youth, spring and generosity and symbolizes brilliance. In Thailand, it is is considered auspicious for those born at night. The e.Q. Platinum Luck can brighten your mood and re-adjust your energy. It can help you to live a balanced and happy life and can enhance your charisma and attract luck.

      The partially shining colors of the glass objects result solely from natural dyestuffs and minerals (for instance, red is produced by adding selenium, green by iron). The whole production process is performed completely by hand; color and pattern may vary.

      Materials utilised

      Glass, Platinum, 30 different minerals, trace elements, precious metals and botanical extracts, ground to a powder and burned into the basis formula in multiple steps.

      Production method

      All UnicMatrix glass models have solely natural ingredients. They are handmade with highest quality criteria.

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      Ready to ship 1-2 working days after receipt of payment
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