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    horoscope in heart necklace


    Jenninas Meerschaum

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      horoscope in heart necklace - Jenninas Meerschaum

      Shop Category: Sternzeichen-Anhaenger im Herz

      Meerschaum, from the former Ottoman Arab Gallen, Turkish Lületaschi today, comes to our world only in Turkey.
      As a porous stone is a natural sea foam filter made of magnesium, silicon and water that is found up to 150m below ground, so a sub-day construction.

      Eskischehir at the place, which lies in Central Anatolia, there were billions of years before even a lake, which was swallowed by an earthquake. Here, the magnesium silicate is stored under great pressure under the earth.
      Thus arose the sea foam and hence the name.

      The meerschaum pipe, which is known mainly, will bring even mentioned in the story of Wilhelm Busch, Max and Moritz, where they stuff a small blow the whistle of the teacher Lämpel with black powder and burst ...

      Meerschaum was discovered 300 years ago and has been with the winch pulley by hand first, then later by motor, drawn up in buckets, then dug up.
      Sea foam is moist so the same editable from the earth. On the air, it begins to expel from the billions of Pohr the moisture dries. To edit it, you can always re-insert it in water. He does not break down and get to carve the desired softness.
      After the finished pieces are dried, it makes only coarse, then fine grinding and inserts the piece finally into heated beeswax to make it shiny and serves as a protection around it.

      At that time you have worked under candle light because there was no electricity, and therefore often inadvertently dripped some wax on the sea foam. Although they tried to clean quickly, but realized over time that it eigendlich protected so shiny,
      looks nice.
      Thus we began with paraffin or beeswax glaze to.

      Because of his special task filter absorbs sea foam up to 40 percent on any kind of dirt such as the nicotine in cigarettes, pipes and tips.
      Likewise, dust and bacteria which can hardly see in the figures are back and especially with jewelry as a small filter at the mouth.

      Until Meerschaum has saturated depending on the size of the work, it makes the long term through the dirt with a slow color change. White or cream color direction of more caramel to dark brown sheen light-transparent, comparable, as Bernstein.

      Real block meerschaum is up to 2500 degree heat resistant and will insulate even when industrial oil drilling to cool the drill and as a moisture filter and the electric drives used in spacecraft.

      Unfortunately, the excavations for stock and technical resources are becoming less and thus the carver. This means that at the moment could only comparatively a thousandth of humanity have a piece of sea foam.


      length: 3cm

      wide : 3cm

      height: 0.5cm

      weight: 5gr

      Materials utilised


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      handemade, carved

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