Kit for Home Brewing Kombucha 'Mushroom' Tea.



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      Product description

      Kit for Home Brewing Kombucha 'Mushroom' Tea. - Kombuchick

      Ever wanted to try to brew your own kombucha? Doing so is easy with the Simple Start Home Brew Kit for kombucha. The contents of this kit, will produce up to 1 gallon of kombucha. It provides the basic elements necessary for producing kombucha at home.

      Become a kombucha master brewer in no time, and save big on the bottled kombucha you WON'T be buying for steep prices at your local heath food market.

      A note about our teas and sweetener blends...

      Our teas are prepared in small batches, and are designed to be used with kombucha home brew, unlike large tea retailers. Our artisan quality and hand blended flavors set us above the rest. We hand select the ingredients that go into every batch, and we stone- ground them into a course blend that's perfect for your cup of tea or your kombucha home brew.

      Most sweeteners are not designed specifically for kombucha home brew; however we formulate our sweeteners with pink Himalayan minerals and brewing acids to help insure the health and vitality of the bacteria and yeasts within your culture for generations.

      Our kombucha starter kits offer the best-quality teas, sweetener blends, and starter cultures on the market today. Comes with detailed instructions and 24-hour support via email. We are here to help guide you through the home brew process! Most commercial kombucha companies do not offer such great customer service. We value our clients, and want them to join our niche of master brewers.

      Listing is for one boxed kit. Includes culture, tea, and sweetener blend. Gallon-sized brewing container, the bottled kombucha pictured above, and display crate not included.

      For more information, please visit:

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