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Leather slippers - Baby Shoes at Pantau

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      Product description

      Leather slippers baby shoes sizes 16 to 35 - Leather slippers - Baby Shoes at Pantau

      Shop Category: Baby Shoes Vehicles

      Our Leather Baby Shoes are great for home and school. They are comfortable, slip resistant and breathable. The soft and flexible nature they sit securely on the foot and offer great freedom of movement.

      • Very nice leather quality
      • Handmade
      • Without harmful substances
      • Very good workmanship
      • Can attract easily
      • Logo embroidery outside
      • A pretty gift and even after years of loving memory ...


      Size 16; Measured foot length of 9.5 cm to 10,1cm; Pusch length 11,2cm; Pusch width 5.8cm

      Size 17; Measured foot length of 10.2cm to 10,7cm; Pusch length 11,8cm; Pusch width 5,9cm

      Size 18; Measured foot length of 10.8cm to 11.4cm; Pusch length 12,4cm; Pusch width 6,0cm

      Size 19; Measured foot length of 11.5cm to 12,1cm; Pusch length 13,1cm; Pusch width 6,3cm

      Size 20; Measured foot length of 12,2cm to 12.7cm; Pusch length 13,7cm; Pusch width 6.4cm

      Size 21; Measured foot length of 12,8cm to 13,4cm; Pusch length 14,4cm; Pusch width 6.5cm

      Size 22; Measured foot length of 13.5cm to 14,1cm; Pusch length 15,1cm; Pusch width 6,7cm

      Size 23; Measured foot length of 14.2cm to 14,7cm; Pusch length 15,8cm; Pusch width 6,7cm

      Size 24; Measured foot length of 14,8cm to 15,4cm; Pusch length 16,4cm; Pusch width 6.8 cm

      Size 25; Measured foot length of 15.5 cm to 16,1cm; Pusch length 17,1cm; Pusch width 7,1cm

      Size 26; Measured foot length of 16,2cm to 16,7cm; Pusch length 17.8cm; Pusch width 7,3cm

      Size 27; Measured foot length of 16,8cm to 17,4cm; Pusch length 18.4cm; Pusch width 7.5cm

      Size 28; Measured foot length of 17.5cm to 18.1cm; Pusch length 19,1cm; Pusch width 7.5cm

      Size 29; Measured foot length of 18,2cm to 18,8cm; Pusch length 19,8cm; Pusch width 7,8cm

      Size 30; Measured foot length of 18,9cm to 19.5cm; Pusch length 20,4cm; Pusch width 8,0cm

      Size 31; Measured foot length of 19,6cm to 20,2cm; Pusch length 21,1cm; Pusch width 8,2cm

      Size 32; Measured foot length of 20.3cm to 20,8cm; Pusch length 21,7cm; Pusch width 8.4cm

      Size 33; Measured foot length of 20,9cm to 21,4cm; Pusch length 22,3cm; Pusch width 8,6cm

      Size 34; Measured foot length of 21.5cm to 22,1cm; Pusch length 23,0cm; Pusch width 8,8cm

      Size 35; Measured foot length of 22.2cm to 22,8cm; Pusch length 23,6cm; Pusch width 9.0cm

      • Please note preferred Pusch size. *

      _Which SIZE FITS MY CHILD ??? _

      To determine the footages, create an outline of the feet of your child. To do this, put your child on a piece of paper and draw with pen held vertically along the foot. It is important that the foot is loaded.

      From the foot outline drawn is now measured from the heel to the big toe using a ruler or a tape measure. Like all shoes, even the toddlers shoes are not restrict the growing foot. We expect to add a seam and growth adding about 1-1,5cm, so that the children feet can develop optimally.

      Thanks to the elastic band incorporated joint sitting Pantau Krabbelschuhe even when romping sure the feet and are easy to put on and take off. Due to the generally soft and flexible nature of the Baby Shoes offer a complete freedom of movement and foot shape fit very well.

      • Care Tips for Pantau Baby Shoes *

      By random roughening the sole non-slip property is maintained. In the dirt Baby Shoes should be wiped with a damp cloth only. Leather is a natural product, therefore slight variations in color and texture may occur.

      Customisation options
      From the available colors in the shop, designs and sizes, you can make your own Baby Shoes. Let us know your request.
      Please address questions to:

      E-mail: info@pantau.eu

      Production method
      The Baby Shoes are made lovingly by hand. The good quality of leather and the careful workmanship make our Baby Shoes durable.

      Materials utilised
      The leather used is free of any harmful substances such as AZO, PCP or chromium VI. The leather is breathable and provides a pleasant foot climate.

      Sizes 16 to 35

      More characteristics

      Shoe size (children)

      EU 18 EU 19 EU 20 EU 21 EU 22 EU 23 EU 24 EU 25 EU 26 EU 27 EU 28 EU 29 EU 30 EU 31 EU 32 EU 33 EU 34 EU 35 Others

      Size (Babies)

      one size (fits all) 0-1 Months 2 Months 3-4 Months 5-7 Months 8-10 Months 11-15 Months 16-20 Months 21-24 Months

      For Girls / For Boys

      For Boys

      Production method

      sewn Other


      Leather Fur Other


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