quilt out of Tilda fabrics


My colorful patch corner

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      quilt out of Tilda fabrics - My colorful patch corner

      Shop Category: Tildadecken bezaubernd

      Quilt made out of colored, patterned, high-quality cotton cloth!

      Over 50 diffrent cloth!

      High-quality cloth was cut into singele squares / pieces and sewed into one new blanket.

      Once this cover has been sewed it has been set in place on top of 2 layers of fleece wool by using pins for each seach. That way the single layers couldn't slip out of position while quilting.

      After this step the whole blanket has been quilted and hemmed in a time-consuming process using permium-quality thread. The color of the backside of the blanket has been adjusted to the rest of the blanket.

      All products are unique and handmade!

      It is impossible to manufacture exact replicates, especially if some of the various cloth-pieces are outsold. However it is possible to use different kinds of cloth for a new blanket with the same design.

      Delicates 40°


      approx: 150 x 200 cm

      Materials utilised

      *High-quality patterned cotton cloth, designercloth, cloth made by Tilda fabrics

      Production method

      handmade - patchwork

      Customisation options

      Größe, Stoffe, Thema, Material,Farben

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      elegant comfortable playful casual romantic country simple rich
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      for orders worth 150.00 EUR or more in this shop

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