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    Steampunk Nixie Tube Wall Clock, No.1.


    Eternal Things

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      Product description

      Steampunk Nixie Tube Wall Clock, No.1. - Eternal Things

      Shop Category: Industrial Design

      Hi, :-)

      for sale is a newly constructed Nixie clock build in an antique mechanical power meter case with implied wall connections made from copper and brass. A handmade, unique and functional wall decoration for the wall next to you.

      If you have any questions or picture requests, please contact me. I am happy to hear from you. :-)

      Nixie tubes are the oldest electrical display elements and date back to the era of vacuum tubes. First come to use in 1952 they were replaced by more energy efficient, smaller (and uglier) elements in the 1970s. Unfortunately they are not produced anymore. The tubes used are taken form a remaining stock. Today, due to their incredibly rich and warm glow they became very popular lately and thus increasingly expensive.
      The tubes were installed unused, and are designed for a continuous operation of about 100 000 hours or 11 years. With a little skill they can be replaced, if necessary. Spare tubes are still available for purchase. The clock has been tested over a period of 48 hours and it works great!

      I have covered the clock element with a massive mahogany-oak "dial" and installed it in the case of an old electricity meter, which is also partly veneered with mahogany. The dial features an old French copper fitting of a beautiful, mechanical-looking beetle with open wings, that is slightly oxidized.
      All wooden parts are thinly coated with shellac.

      From heavy, thermosetting plastic writhe two copper pipe and brass arms towards the wall, which were riveted in this position and represent imaginary "connections" to a hidden power source.
      The lower tube includes the power cord so that it can be laid well to the wall.

      Except for the electronics, all parts are used. The case has minor scratches due to age, but nothing that contradicts the nature of the clock, but is to the contrary, beneficial.
      I treated all metal elements with ammonium hydroxide (ammonia) so that they develop a realistic blue-green sometimes black patina.

      The clock can be set with the help of two metal toggle switches on the right side. Simply "turn on" and wait for the correct number to appear. "Turn Off". Done! Simple as it gets.

      The clock is fixed with a screw above the housing on the wall. (Included in price) It is powered by the included power supply and consumption, as measured 3 to 4 watts.

      A T T E N T I O N ! ! !

      The power supply can not be exchanged, easily!
      You will need a 230 V @ 50 Hz which is standard in most countries of the EU. The power plug is a type "C", (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mainselectricityby_country) you should need an adapter, dear friends of the British Isles for example, please contact me. I will get you an adapter for a few Euros extra.

      Despite the low consumption there are potentially dangerous voltages of up to 170 Volts inside the housing! It must therefore be opened only by professionals who know what they are doing!

      Before opening the case, pull the plug!

      Keep away from moisture in any form.


      I do not accept any liability for damages resulting from incorrect, careless or improper use or modification of this item.

      Thank you! :)


      42 x 20 x 12 cm, 1-2 Kg.

      Materials utilised

      Copper, brass, glas, mahagony, oak, shellac

      Production method

      Handmade in any way.

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      simple vintage
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