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      Product description

      one Harry Potter-style hand made rag doll - Madcatwoman Enterprises

      This is an artistic representation of some of the adults from the Harry Potter series. As these are artistic, no copyright infringement is intended (think Warhol and Campbell's soup).

      These dolls are made from felt and wool, and are 5 inches (13cms) in height, with the except of Rubeus Hagrid. These are artistic representations of characters from the Harry Potter series, and made by fans for fans. Each doll took three weeks to design and each doll is made to order and takes between one and two weeks to complete, so please leave time for your doll to be made.

      Choose one of the following:

      Albus Dumbledore - fluffy grey hair, hand made wire framed half-moon spectacles, wizard hat, and a cloak with glittery moon and stars. Beneath, he wears white long-johns, to keep him warm in draughty Hogwarts corridors. Buttons on the front and butt-flap are made from glass seed beads.

      Minerva McGonagall - fluffy grey hair in a "bun", hand made wire-rimmed spectacles, and a witch hat trimmed with plaid ribbon. Cloak is held with brooch at the neck (brooch may vary according to availability).

      Severus Snape - clothes have mock buttons on front, sleeves and trouser edge made from glass seed beads.

      Remus Lupin - greying hair and a patched cloak.

      Alastor Mad-Eye Moody - wearing a brown coat with deep imitation pockets. Hood can be worn up or down. Standard hand embroidered eye with a bright blue eye made from a crackled glass bead.

      Lucius Malfoy - long blond hair fastened back in a black velvet ribbon (removable). Slytherin motif on lapels formed with green and silver glass seed beads.

      Sirius Black - hand sewn "tattoo" on chest, wearing a fluffy coat made to imitate his animagus form. Straggly hair.

      Rita Skeeter - outfit may vary according to availability. Mock-croc jacket and bag, containing Kwik Quotes Quill. "Jewel-rimmed spectacles" are made from glass seed beads threaded onto wire bent into shape of spectacle frames.

      Bellatrix Lestrange - black hair, made by knitting up black wool, leaving for several days, then unravelling to give curly look. Black outfit. We were going to make her some "I Love Voldie" knickers, but that was a step too far!

      Nymphadora Tonks - purple hair made from a lovely suede-effect wool. Her outfit is black and purple, with purple gores in the skirt to make it flare.

      Lily Potter - nee Lily Evans - the perfect accompaniment to Severus Snape - or not, depending on your viewpoint. Long red hair, wearing a gown made of bright pink glittery felt. Wearing a faux-pearl necklace. Lovely green, hand-embroidered eyes.

      Rubeus Hagrid - taller than his counterparts, he wears a hairy brown suit, and has long hair and a full and fluffy beard.

      Lord Voldemort, aka Tom Riddle. Has a black pop-on shirt (sewn on for modesty), red eyes and slit-like nostrils.

      Materials utilised

      felt, wool, Glass seed beads

      Production method

      knitting and sewing, embroidery, design

      More characteristics


      Felt Yarn




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