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      Product description

      I LOVE BAD MOVIES discount pack - KSEN ZINES

      - A collaborative project featuring the work of 15 artists and writers
      - 19 pieces of writing and 2 graphic essays
      - More than 40 pages of written content
      - Special feature: How to Find Great Bad Movies
      - Ridiculous quotes and interesting movie stills sprinkled throughout
      - No theme for this issue but it inadvertently turned out Winona Ryder-heavy
      - More photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/theskyeisfalling/tags/badmovies/)

      The issue that started it all!

      COVER ART: Leah Hayes

      GRAPHIC ESSAYS: Anja Verdugo, Jeremy Jusay

      WRITERS: Cristina Cacioppo, Matt Carman, Byron Case, Alan 'Albo' Gamboa, Elliott Kalan, Joseph Kirkland, Sarah Marshall, Laura Martin, Dan McCoy, Ben Shapiro, Alex Smith, Scott White, and myself, Kseniya Yarosh

      FILMS DISCUSSED: Streets of Fire, Road House, Sleepaway Camp, Happy Birthday To Me, Nukie, Slow Bullet, Desperate Lives, The Stuff, The Pick-Up Artist, A Stranger Among Us, Showgirls, Monster High, Shrooms, Stan Lee's Lightspeed, Sleepwalkers, Dream Lover, Lucas, The Darwin Awards, Alien: Resurrection, Sex and Death 101, Troll 2

      - A collaborative project featuring the work of 13 artists and writers
      - 17 short essays
      - More than 45 pages of written content
      - Special features: Tips for a Bad Movie Date and "Where Are They Now?" updates
      - Interesting movie stills sprinkled throughout
      - Theme: love, sex and friendship

      An ideal gift for Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or a third date, ILBM #2 breaks down some of the oddest, most confusing, and outrageous depictions of love and relationships ever committed to film.

      COVER ART: Mark Burrier


      WRITERS: Cristina Cacioppo, Eric Epstein, Alan 'Albo' Gamboa, Christian Gridelli, Elliott Kalan, Joseph Kirkland, Kevin Maher, Dan McCoy, Rumsey Taylor, Matt Carman and myself, Kseniya Yarosh

      FILMS DISCUSSED: No Small Affair, The Break-Up, Gleaming the Cube, Partners, Bachelor Party, Lifeforce, Don't Tell Her It's Me AKA The Boyfriend School, A Night at the Roxbury, Wicker Park, Gigli, The Room, Dreamcatcher, Hackers, Grease 2, Billy Jack, Boxing Helena, Love Story, Autumn in New York, Sweet November, A Walk to Remember



      Materials utilised

      Paper, ink, love

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      Write, layout, print, copy, ship

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