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Buyer makes a purchase, but didn't pay What can I do?

I told him that if no make pyment i can't send item
but no answer receved

Paola Frusteri

paolafrusteri 15.04.2012 17:34


Cheers Paola :)

For how long are you waiting for this payment ? After 7 days, if the item remains unpaid the "send a payment reminder" next to the sold item automatically becomes RED and if you click there you send an official payment reminder... hopefully the last one.
If buyer doesn't pay after all, you should e-mail feedback@dawanda stating your sale number so they can make the sale void and don't collect the 5% commission.
More info here for your reference :
Hope it helps :)

microbio-noar 15.04.2012 19:29


Hi Helena,
Thanks a lot for your help, you give me a good solution
Best ,

paolafrusteri 15.04.2012 20:44

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