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HMRC and CF10 form...can you help me?


I am registered with HMRC as self-employed for selling my items online.
I was filling the CF10 form for a Certificate of Small Earnings Exception (SEE) and not pay Class 2 NICs.
I was wondering how to fill the part "What are your expected net earnings from self-employment for the period from 6 April 2012 to 5 April 2013?".
How do I calculate this? I only sold one item for now, and I'm not sure how much I will sell before April 2013.
Is there anyone who could help me?

Thank you!!
(hope you understand what I'm trying to ask...I'm Italian, living in Uk, and it's really hard explaining these kind of things in another language!).

laubao 16.08.2012 11:53 edited at: 16.08.2012 11:54


Hi Laura,
Your English is better than most English people and so I can understand you perfectly.
I would just take an educated guess at the amount you expect to earn in the next financial year.
Personally, I have paid the full amount of NI but I will be claiming it all back as I didn't earn enough to have to pay it in the first place.

This will help you understand it (scroll down the page to see Exceptions to paying Class 2 National Insurance contributions)


ThreadeeBears 06.09.2012 09:10