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Vilnius, Lithuania

We seek to create sartorial elegance in simplicity and humble yet sincere return to innate values of human culture. Linen is our tool. Poetry is our language.



Vienna, Thailand

Made from the finest cotton fabrics, the collection is infused with the spirit of light summer days, fashion, festival wear, yoga and healthy living.

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You're on the lookout for a special gift? The DaWanda Team has made it easy for you and has already chosen special products and unique gift ideas for you.

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Looking for a completely unique product, the kind that no one else has? Or maybe you need a one-of-a-kind gift for that somebody special in your life? Then look no further than DaWanda for a huge selection of beautifully crafted products. Let our family of over 320,000 designers create the perfect gift for others or for a little treat for yourself! Take a look at our extensive catalogue and find something magnificent today.

From birthdays to weddings, you can relay onto DaWanda to provide something unique, handmade and special. No matter if you’re looking for wedding invitations for a traditional affair, or a present for a couple with a contemporary taste, you can be sure to find it here. From art to jewellery, and hats to craft supplies, the only limits at DaWanda are exclusivity and love! What’s more, many of our 5.3 million products can be customised to your specifications to add that personal touch.

There’s no shortage of inspiration here at DaWanda, check out our glossary of trends for the latest ideas in everything from fashion to style and interiors; keeping you up to date with everything you need whether it’s for your wardrobe or your kitchen! If you’re buying a present then our Giftfinder is a fantastic feature which will take the stress of out of the process. You can select by person or occasion, making finding the perfect gift for him, or present for a house warming as easy as it could possibly be! And don’t forget, if DIY is your thing we’ve got a huge selection of tutorials to help you along your creative way!