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Enjoy the anticipation of Christmas with an advent calendar from DaWanda. Children get so excited about Christmas, but sometimes the anticipation can get too much, but daily treats are the perfect way to countdown to that special day of the year. Gone are the days of the simple cardboard advent calendar, when a small flap was pulled back to reveal a picture with a Christmas theme. These days ideas for advent calendars are endless.

Made with love: a wooden advent calendar and other advent calendar ideas.

The designers and producers at DaWanda have become increasingly creative in producing fun and unique advent calendar ideas. A quick browse through the catalogue will reveal a range of amazing advent calendars to buy, or even create yourself at home. In recent years advent calendar ideas have become transcended the 2D format and have evolved into spectacular three dimensional creations. From fabric, to clay, or even wood, there are a huge range of materials that advent calendars come in so you’re sure to find something for everybody here at DaWanda. The beauty of these types of advent calendars is that they can be used year after year, and not only that, an advent calendar made from fabric or wood are environmentally friendly!

Creating your own advent calendars.

When making an advent calendar you can be just as creative with the surprise gifts inside as in its creation. Sweets or little treats can all be hidden in an advent calendar to provide a little treat every day throughout the countdown to Christmas. Take a quick visit to DaWanda and you will be spoilt for advent calendar ideas. Feel free to explore our selection of ready-made advent calendars, as well as browse through our craft sections where you will find lots of great ideas and instructions for making your own advent calendar. Little fabric bags, wooden boxes and even a different button badge to wear every day, are all featured on DaWanda's advent calendar page. In the craft section you will find festive fabrics and trimmings to make your own, and lots of inspiration for filling your calendar. Why not let your children help you make their own advent calendars or surprise them on December 1st when they awake to find a beautiful personalised advent calendar ready and waiting for them.