Chic, modish handmade bags to suit your style

At the DaWanda marketplace you will find a highly creative collection of designer handbags, purses, cases and backpacks. Each item has a distinctive style to reflect the wearer's own personality.
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Handmade Bags with Bags of Style

Welcome to the bag section of DaWanda's online marketplace! Here you'll find a unique and highly original collection encompassing backpacks, purses, wallets, cases and handbags. All the bags here have their own distinctive style and many of them can be tailored to the way you want them. At DaWanda, we help you find your perfect bag. Whether it's a chic and stylish bag for around town, something roomy and practical for sports or travel, or something for the kids to take to school, you're sure to find the right bag for you!

Bucket bags are still in trend in 2018, but they are evolving. There's a whole host of inspired additions to and takes on the classic and simple shape, all done with extra asymmetrical styles and embellishments.

Almost like a counter-balance to the new-school mobile phone cases, old-school camera bags bring with them a much-needed sense of nostalgia to this year's top trends.

Keep calm and carry a fabulous bag


Handbags: Whether going to the shops or running errands around town, your trusty handbag is great for day to day use.

Clutches: For weddings, christenings, cocktail parties and formal events, a chic clutch bag is a great way to set off an overall look.

Backpacks: Often used as a substitute for a handbag by guys, backpacks are another great day-to-day kind of bag that’s usually less decorative and roomier. Perfect for going to the gym or a long walk.

Totes: Tote bags have become somewhat ubiquitous in recent years, but they're extremely handy to have. Their strength lies in their practicality, and they can be folded up and put in your handbag and used after an impromptu supermarket visit, for example.

    Purses and wallets: Coming in all shapes and sizes but all keeping our loose change out of our pockets and our bank cards in one place.

    Shoulder bags: A wonderful mix of the practical and the stylish, shoulder bags allow you to carry quite a lot of items, whilst giving you scope to still match with your outfit.

    Luggage: The basics of a holiday away, whether you're going by plane, train or automobile, sturdy luggage is an essential for any traveller.

Suede is a great-looking material that can be famously hard to clean though first we must make the distinction between suede fabric and suede leather. Suede fabric can be dry cleaned or laundered according to the washing instructions on the garment's label. Suede fabric is a much trickier beast and can be stained even by water alone. A suede leather handbag should be regularly sprayed with a waterproof spray. If a suede item does get wet, blot out the water with paper towels and let it dry at room temperature. Don't speed-dry as this can cause warping!

What’s in the bag?

There are several essentials that everyone needs in their bag. Aside from the holy trinity of money, keys and phone, it's worth keeping a few extra bits and bobs, if you have space. Things like a packet of tissues, some chewing gum, a working pen and some paper are all handy for obvious reasons, as well as a good book, for the times you have to wait around. It's probably a good idea to keep a phone charger with you too, so you don't run out of juice.

    Where To Store Your Bags

    Different bags call for different storage solutions. Bags that you don't use much, like your luggage can be stored in the attic, for example. Special storage boxes can be bought for designer bags that you want to keep safe. For everyday bags, we all know they can be hung from chairs, put in wardrobes, left on work surfaces.

The kind of bag you carry says a lot about you and where you're going. Find the perfect bag for you in the fabulous selection here at DaWanda. There's everything from luxe leather handbags to witty printed totes, plus glamorous clutches, cute gadget cases, laptop bags, makeup bags and lots more. Every bag on DaWanda is handmade, and either one of a kind or very limited edition, so whichever bag you carry, it will be as unique as you are!