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Suitcases for short weekends and long trips

Travel luggage and suitcases come in all shapes and sizes, with various designs to suit your personal taste. At DeWanda you'll find a wide range of unique suitcases to compliment your individual style. Real leather vintage handmade suitcases, exemplify quality and impeccable taste. Heavy-duty designs are ideal for long trips and vacations. They provide enough space for you to carry all essential items and more. Shoulder bags are stylish and rucksacks are practical, making heavy loads easy to carry. Lightweight suitcases are always a good choice when flying overseas. Carrying lightweight suitcases help reduce excess baggage fees.

Get creative with our do it yourself tutorials and supplies

DeWanda is the perfect place to find that unique suitcase and exclusive handmade items. Our designers are talented and share a range of designs of suitcases. Try your hand at creating your own handmade luggage, or customize some of our existing items of lightweight suitcases. We offer DIY tutorials that are easy to follow, with step by step instructions. We also have an excellent selection of supplies, including patterned fabric, machines and equipment, haberdashery and sewing and much more. Our vintage craft supplies allow you to put a retro twist on designs, while our e-books and tutorials provide detailed and informative guides, ensuring expertise, with your crafty endeavours.

Get cool and quirky luggage designs and suitcases from DeWanda

Whether you go for colourful printed fabrics, or prefer sophisticated quality leather, you're bound to find the perfect suitcase and piece of luggage in our marketplace. The photographic displays of our suitcases clearly exhibit items from all angles, allowing you to check out individual styles and dimensions. Product descriptions are detailed too, so you can make an informed decision about the suitcase you have in mind, before placing your order. Comments shared by customers, give further insight into the suitcases on offer. These also allow you to confidently make your purchases, knowing that your item of choice, whether lightweight suitcases, or a more hard-wearing suitcase, will be one of quality.