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Roll up, roll up: all the fun of the fair

There is a certain Bohemian pleasure in rolling a cigarette from loose leaf tobacco; from artistic types to captains of industry, a roll up makes a statement about the smoker. But all that peacocking is for nothing without a personalised tobacco pouch from Dawanda. Those flaccid green plastic sleeves tend to make the rolling tobacco damp and sticky; when using a leather tobacco pouch, the leaves can breath but are also kept in optimum condition for a smooth smoke. Each style of tobacco pouch for sale here is fully air tight with a zipper or push stud fastenings, so when you reach for your papers in the tobacco pouch, they will be dry as a bone on even the most humid day.

An elegant tobacco pouch for women of refinement and grace

Gone are the days when it was considered unladylike to roll one's own. Tobacco pouches come in many designs as you can see from the options currently available; if you keep a designer leather tobacco pouch in your purse, when it comes to a sociable time to light up, your tobacco pouch will draw admiring gazes and envious comments from people who still use the flimsy plastic tobacco pouches rather than such elegant craftworks as these. Each tobacco pouch for sale here is hand finished and unique so the tobacco pouch you choose will remain in good order for many years and will develop its own musty aroma to suit you.

Smoulder as you smoke with a personalised Tobacco pouch

At Dawanda, savvy customers have the pick of an artisan tobacco pouch, but choose carefully; your personalised tobacco pouch will stay with you throughout the seasons so consider which tobacco pouches will suit your existing handbags and accessories or browse around Dawanda for some new inspiration. A leather tobacco pouch is an accoutrement of great style and a deal of smoking sophistication. These tobacco pouches can be as personal to you as jewellery or hairstyle so, whether you want a leather tobacco pouch, a personalised tobacco pouch or just a tobacco pouch which will keep your rolling gear in perfect condition, you have come to the right place.