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DaWanda baby toys for your new born

Baby dolls, cot mobiles and hundreds of other stylish accessories prevail in our exciting range of baby toys. Designed with you and your young babies in mind, these cot mobiles and baby dolls will bring a tear to your eye as you watch the faces of your children light up with joy. Each one of these fabulous pieces is unique and is made from child safety materials, meaning you wont discover any hidden sharp objects. Cot mobiles are colourful and feature an interesting array of accessories while the baby dolls give your child something to cuddle up to. These baby toys are inspiring to say the least and will help your child develop into a charming and fun filled toddler.

Inspiring baby dolls and creative cot mobiles

These creative pieces can be used anywhere whether it is in the home or garden. Many of the baby toys in the DaWanda collection are machine washable, so you wont have to worry about your little ones taking them to the park. To a child, mud is fun and a way for them to be creative. Let your hair down and let them take their baby dolls to join in the fun. The baby toys in the DaWanda collection have been crafted with undying love and we are now excited to be able to show them to you.

Individual cot mobiles and baby toys manufactured by creative designers

Each designer who has contributed to this collection has made it their pride and joy throughout the implementation process. Designed with love and affection, it is apparent from a great distance that our baby toys are unique. Manufactured by hand, you can be sure that attention has been paid to every square inch of these products. DaWanda is proud to bring you something that you wouldn't normally find in the high street marketplace. Browse our other products for something for yourself.