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A step by step guide for a relaxed birth

The birth of your child is likely to be one of the happiest and most memorable experiences of your life. From the announcement of the pregnancy, to your child’s first birthday, the birth of your child is so special in so many ways, and DaWanda is here to help you every step of the way.

Having a child can be demanding, particularly if it’s your first. There is so much to plan and organise, that even the most organised parents may feel panicked and stress in the build-up to, and following the birth. First things first, do you decide to be made aware of the sex of the baby in advance, or leave it as a surprise for the day of birth. Inevitably, the fun of waiting for the baby’s sex as a surprise is counteracted by the inability to plan what clothes, bedding and decorations to buy for the new-born’s room. Then there is the issue of the actual pregnancy, how best to care for the mother to be, how to make sure you are at the hospital at the special moment and caring for the baby immediately after. Once these aspects of the child’s birth are over, it is nice to think that everything will be a little more enjoyable from this point on. Taking your baby home for the first time is always a special moment, while welcoming home the new parents can be an emotional and memorable experience. Once everyone has settled back in to life, with parents and grandparents slowly building that ever so special rapport with their new-born, it is time to introduce the baby to wider family and friends. There is no better way to do this, than having a baby shower. This is always a lovely event for all involved, and can be a great opportunity for the new parents to ask friends and family for a few gifts to help them out in the first few months of the child’s life. Once all this is over, it’s time to settle into day to day life as a family.

Here at DaWanda we have products to assist you with every stage of the pregnancy. Whether you are looking for diaries to record the whole process, to look back on in years to come, ideas for special gifts for a baby shower you are attending, or simply necessities for your new born baby, we have it all. Here is a step by step guide to make your pregnancy, as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

The build-up and dealing with pregnancy

From the moment of your first scan, the ball leading up to the big day is set rolling. There are many questions and challenges in this period. Firstly, a major question for every couple is do they decide to know what sex the baby will be. If preparation and planning are more your style, then getting to know the sex of the baby is always helpful, allowing you to plan your baby’s outfits, bedding and room decorations. For girls, traditionally this leads to more floral colours, maybe preparations can be made by painting the walls a nice bright colour, with flowery bed sheets. Perhaps for a boy football wallpaper may be more his cup of tea, however you never know, and creative license is granted to the parents to decorate however they see fit, knowing the child’s sex is just an added assistance. For those parents who would like to keep it a surprise, the challenge of decorating and buying clothes is a little more difficult. You are left with two options, either gamble on the sex of the child and hope for the best, or simply shop for more unisex clothes and toys.

As a final suggestion, it may be nice to keep a diary from your first scans. Detail the feelings the baby gives when it starts to kick, the preparations, the worries, fears and excitement. Continue this for as long as you want, until one day you are able to look back on it all with fond and refreshed memories. It may even one day be nice for your child to read it, and learn how it behaved as a new-born.

gifts for mum to be

The pregnancy - Make it extra special with DaWanda

The pregnancy will without a doubt be one of the most important days in the lives of both parents. The whole process is unforgettable, from the moment the water breaks and the rush to the hospital, to the relaxation and well-earned sleep, for both baby and mother after the event. Although the whole event in itself can seem particularly stressful, the moments after the child birth are some of the most special. After the child’s birth it is only the closest family members and friends who are present. This is the moment for parents to become grandparents, and husband and wife to become parents for the first time. Particularly special, is the moment when existing children get to meet their new sibling for the first time. It’s a great opportunity for pictures to be taken and family and friends to catch up, and talk of both the present and the future. There is nothing like the birth of a new born to spread happiness and goodwill amongst a family.

baby shower gift ideas

The baby shower is a useful means of organising for the future

The baby shower is a lovely moment for everybody involved in your life. It provides the setting for friends and family members to meet the new addition to their lives for the first time. It is an opportunity for everyone to bask in the joy that is child birth. At DaWanda, we offer a great selection of goods, for both the parents hosting a baby shower, and guests attending, offering gifts to both help out the new parents, and gifts for the baby to look back on in years to come.

If you are a guest at a baby shower there a many useful essentials available to offer the new parents. Think Christening clothing, hats, and nappy cakes for practical and useful additions. These will always be welcome at whatever baby shower you are attending. If you are a particularly close relation to the family, or a very close friend, something more long lasting and heart felt may be in order. Personalised gifts are always a lovely thought, as these can be kept for years to come and looked back on with fondness. Perhaps a name necklace or even a name pillow is the kind of thing you would like to give the baby. Something personal and able to stand the test of time is a perfect way to combine kindness with sentimentality.

Or maybe you are the host of the baby shower. Although it is a treat enough to invite your friends over to welcome the baby into the world, to make it a real special event some interior decorations can be added. Christening candles provide the perfect means of providing a warm, ambient and safe feel to the low key and homely event. Maybe add some bunting, and some additional seating to make the event super cosy, while giving it that celebratory feel.

Settling into life as parents

All that is now left is to settle into home life with your new bundle of joy! Enjoy spending time playing with and looking after your child, as you gradually watch him grow into a toddler with personal characteristics, likes and dislikes. Indeed, he or she is sure to be a handful, with baby’s increasingly eating more and more, and in turn, growing out of the clothes at a rapid rate. But that is what the baby shower is for; get the necessities like clothes bought in advance so you can keep pace with your ever expanding child. Mainly though, this is the time to appreciate your new born child and grow into the role of parents. Perhaps this is the first time you have been completely responsible for another human being, so take care, don’t stress, and allow DaWanda to assist you with caring for, and enjoying the life of your new born child. And most importantly, remember to relax and enjoy, as one day, it will all seem like it went so quickly!

DaWanda - Here to help you through every stage of the birth process.

Pregnancy can be a tough time for many, but the rewards at the end of it all are incomparable to anything else your life will have to offer, so make the whole process as special and memorable as possible. At DaWanda you can guarantee all of our birth and pregnancy products are 100% unique. Handmade by our designers, our vast range of products are one of a kind. Our designers also offer creative ideas that can in fact add to the whole process of pregnancy, for example, handmade diaries. These are perfect for recording the pregnancy, as well as your child’s first years of life, noting down those heart-warming moments that may otherwise be forgotten.

Pregnancy and child birth is a once in a lifetime experience, make it as special as it should be with unique and handmade products from DaWanda.