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It’s your Wedding Day so make it Perfect!

A wedding is a ceremony in which two people are united in marriage, through the exchanging of wedding vows by the couple. Most weddings involve the exchange of a present between the wedded partners, most commonly in western societies being a ring, and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure or leader. Weddings are said to be the most important day of a person’s life, and the time and effort that goes into planning this most special of days should not be underestimated. Every element of the wedding day must be planned meticulously, from the most important details such as time, location, wedding dresses, suits and most importantly rings, to the smaller elements such as wedding accessories, flowers and decorations. Each element must be handled with due care and consideration to ensure the big day runs smoothly, and will be remembered for the rest of, not only the lives of the bride and groom, but the guests also.

Whether you are planning the most traditional of weddings, with a white wedding dress, bridesmaids and a vicar, or you are looking away from tradition and more towards a more contemporary wedding, we have something for all. With classic bags, accessories and decorations on offer, the wedding range at DaWanda has everything you could possibly need for that fairy tale wedding. In addition, the selection of quirky and unique products on our page presents the opportunity to mould your wedding into the event you want it to be, with fun variations on the traditional wedding necessities from small details such as cufflinks, to larger elements such as decorations. This step to step guide will gradually explain every feature to the dream wedding, emphasising the most important aspects of the day, while also focusing on the finer details such as bridal accessories, thank you cards, favours and traditions.

Choosing a Venue

Once the wedding proposal has been accepted and the ball is rolling towards the special day, the next and most important step is deciding location. More traditional couples generally tend to look for a nice church, be it a local venue with family or community ties, or simply a picturesque church in a beautiful location. Others may decide to look for somewhere they see as romantic or practical. Most important of all however, the location must be memorable. Once the venue has been decided, attention must turn to the decorations. Flowers are strongly associated with weddings, due to their sweet smelling and colourful nature, and can help bring colour and life to any wedding venue. Whether a large bouquet is being used as a centrepiece, or smaller bouquets are being used around the room to bring a warm and comforting feel to an empty church or community hall, flowers always provide a beautiful addition to any interior, particularly a wedding. These can be complimented by a range of decorative pieces, ranging from letters spelling the bride and grooms names, candles, lanterns or even paper decorations. Most common however, and a personal favourite of DaWanda, is the use of fairy lights, which can come in a great variety of shapes and sizes, and can be multi-functional, in that they are able to both brilliantly light up a room, and provide colourful yet subtle décor to any interior. The range of fairy lights at DaWanda is both tasteful and diverse, all of which have the rare ability to suite almost all settings, whether it be a traditional rural church, or to hang in the trees of a stunning local park.

Decide a Time and Date to suit your Character

Once the venue has been booked, it is time to think through the finer details. Should the wedding be a morning, afternoon, or evening affair? Morning events bring the prospect of crisp sunny mornings, with fresh dew covering the grass, while evening events offer the romance of candles illuminating the venue in the dark night, while afternoon events offer the enticing possibility of a sunny and warm wedding. Date is also of vital importance and is very much a matter of taste. Generally speaking, people prefer a summer wedding. The potential for blue skies, flowers in full bloom, green grass and comfortable temperatures is too much for most to resist. It also brings the possibility of outdoor weddings and receptions, which bring with them the prospect of basking in both the sun, and the joy and goodwill surrounding the day. However, for those couples who either simply cannot wait to be wed, or have an alternative in mind to a hot summers day, spring winter and autumn can appear as attractive dates. While the autumn offers the prospect of picturesque streets covered in fallen leaves and beautiful sunsets, the winter presents the chance of a crisp yet chilly day, allowing the wedding ceremony and reception to be a cosy affair, giving the feeling of closeness and togetherness amongst family and friends as they gather inside for warmth. The spring, typically associated with rebirth offers the chance for both lovely weather, coupled with feelings of new life as leaves gradually grow back onto trees, and flowers begin to emerge after the winter. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, a spring honeymoon offers the opportunity for you and your new spouse to bask in the summer sun over the coming summer months as newlyweds.

wedding accessoires

Once the decision has been made its time to send out those all-important invites. Whether you are planning a lavish get together, involving all friends, family and loved ones, or something more low key, DaWanda’s range of wedding invitations is second to none. Beautiful and original, wedding invitations are the type of thing that can be saved for years to come and looked back on with nostalgia. A nice and tasteful wedding invite can go further than you would first assume. Whether guests choose to store it in a scrapbook, or a box in an attic, who knows when it could reappear, sparking conversation and memories of that special day.

Wedding Attire is Key

As the wedding day approaches, it is time to turn your attention to the finer details of the wedding, in particular the attire, for both the bride and groom. When shopping for a wedding dress, it is traditional to go shopping with either your mother or your very best girlfriends, or even both. Trying on dresses can be a fun experience, so why not pop the champagne and make a fun day of it. Alternatively for men, you want to be looking extremely smart, and this is your chance to go all out on a suit, tail coat, top hat and all. If this is not your thing however, both the bride and groom should not shy away from the chance of putting their own personal spin on the classic wedding day attire. DaWanda offers the chance to do exactly that, for bride, groom, and anyone else who feels like putting an individual spin on their wedding day garments. For brides, bridal bags, veils, belts and garters provide the opportunity to accessorise your dress with unique and fashionable home made products to stand out from the crowd. The same goes for men, with brooches, tie pins, ties and other such accessories all coming in unique designs, some flamboyant, others understated and tasteful, but all are chic, stylish and unique.

bride accessoires

Beware of Superstitions

In addition to the dress, as the day draws closer it is time for the bride to apply the finishing touches to her wedding preparations. In particular the superstitions associated with the wedding day.

The need to tend to the old rhyme, ‘something old something new, something borrowed and something blue’ must addressed, whether it be for superstitious reasons, or just for a bit of fun. Unfortunately DaWanda will not be able to help you find something borrowed. But if you are on the search for either something vintage, new or blue, you have come to the right place.

DaWanda offers an abundance of wedding day accessories which are perfect discreet yet fashionable additions to any wedding. Most importantly however, they can help cast away any negative superstitions from your big day!

Shop at DaWanda for a Unique Wedding

So the location of the wedding is sorted, the time and date have been arranged, the accessories bought and the superstitions have been seen too. DaWanda’s online catalogue has everything you need to help make your wedding day perfect. DaWanda not only covers the necessities for a wedding day, but also includes more niche items, often overlooked in wedding preparations. Just a few examples of these include ring cushions, wedding badges, bridal belts and wedding favours. Indeed, here at DaWanda we try to tend to every possible desire of a bride or groom to be. In addition, not only are our goods all made from the highest quality materials by the best designers, but perhaps most importantly, they are all unique. Each item has been handmade, allowing the individual designers to put a creative spin on their products. You will not find your selected items on any high street stall or other website, and it is unlikely you will ever see anyone with the same item. So make your wedding day special. Stand out and be unique with your partner. Make the day your own with DaWanda!