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Make a christening extra special with DaWanda

Christenings are a Christian ceremony in which a Christian name is given, at the time of baptism. The baptism ceremony itself is the moment the baby is welcomed into the Christian church. Holy water, blessed by the priest, is poured on the baby’s head three times - in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit, to symbolise being ‘born again’. The origins of this ceremony come from the Bible, when Jesus was baptised by his cousin, John the Baptist, in the River Jordan. While there a varying ways to immerse the baby under water, nowadays the norm is maintain the baby’s head above water, while the rest of the body is immersed in the Holy Water. Non-religious people can opt for a naming ceremony also, without the rite of holy baptism. Others simply opt for a baby shower, in which friends and family are invited, usually to a the parents’ home, to say hello to the new born child and welcome him into the world, while often bringing gifts to the new parents to assist in the early care of a child. Gifts can range from baby footwear, to more sentimental gifts to be kept for longer such as jewellery and blankets.

As with any such event, it is down to those organising the christening to decide what kind of event the christening will be. More traditional parents will have the christening in a church. Guests are likely to come in smart clothing, often suits and the baby will be dressed in a traditional christening gown, which is loose fitting and generally white. Others may opt for something a little more laid back, with guests attending in smart casual attire, and with the baby dressed in something a little less traditional, ranging from a fun christening gowns, featuring more colours and varying designs, to christening outfits, sometimes featuring accessories such as bow ties and hats. Finally for those hosting baby showers, these are usually very informal affairs, with guests arriving at the parents’ home in casual clothing with the baby often in a baby grow, or tucked away in its cot.

It is important christenings take place after extensive preparation and good planning. Every aspect of the celebration, from location to guests, should be thought through in detail to ensure all runs smoothly. This step by step guide will talk you through the most important aspects of planning the big day, while offering advice on the finer details, such as gift suggestions, christening accessories and even christening favours.

Choosing a location and decoration

Now the first step to organising a christening is selecting a location. Indeed, for most this is very self-explanatory. A christening should take place in a church, the only place with Holy Water and a priest. Therefore the next question is which church should you choose to host a christening. You may favour a local church simply for the simplicity of getting there, the community ties you have to this church, or in order to host something at your home after the event. Alternatively there may be a particularly picturesque church you have visited, and would love to host you child’s christening there. Or maybe, the church you were christened in still exists, and you would like to make it a tradition by selecting the same place for you family members to be christened in. Whether it is strong family ties, convenience or beauty that attracts you to the church, ensure a good relationship is formed with the priest, to guarantee the event runs smoothly.

Christening invitations

DaWanda’s range of christening invitations come in a huge variety of colours, motifs and designs, and are sure to suit the type of christening you go for, whatever that may be. More colourful invitations suggest a jovial atmosphere to the christening. Perhaps these invites can be used for less formal events. Other fun options include cards with the new born baby’s face actually printed on the card, so guests have an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the little person before they actually meet him for the first time. Other options include thematic invitations, ranging from sailor themes to space themes. The majority of invites are fun and creative, and most importantly, unique. Christening invitations are the type of thing that is saved for years to come, by parents and guests alike to help recall the fond memories of the day. So make your invitation memorable with a stylish and unique invitation from DaWanda. Alternatively, a classic invitation and envelope combination gives the event a slightly more sophisticated feel, perhaps more for the celebration of birth for the parents and other family members. It may be advisable to use this type of invitation for more religious affairs or church events, but of course the decision is completely up to you. When it comes to the content of your invitations, the majority of our cards can have messages printed on them, bringing a professional look to the invites. Alternatively, you can order invites with tasteful images and colours on the front, while being free to write your own invitations on the inside.

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Christening accessories for that added sparkle.

Now of course there are more important elements to the big day than the christening accessories. The venue, the guests and the priest all make the day possible, but accessories have the ability to make a memorable and unforgettable experience, that little bit more special. Baby footwear for instance can be a cute little reminder of how small your baby once was on their day of christening. Alternatively they could be a great gift if you have been invited to a christening, as new parents need as much help as they can with providing clothes for an ever growing baby. Why not look into buying christening jewellery also. This piece must be extra special and unique as the baptism only comes around once, so whether it is a bracelet, necklace or anything else that takes your fancy, an extra special piece of jewellery could be the perfect accessory for a baptism, either from a parent, or a first gift from a relative or family friend. If these seem like unnecessary editions to an already special day, then why not take a look at our brilliant selection of christening albums. Always handmade and tastefully designed, the selection of christening albums at DaWanda are fun, unique and a perfect way to store the photographic memories of that special day.

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Christening favours - just to say thanks

Additionally, why not consider using Christening favours as a nice and thoughtful way to say thank you to your guests for coming. Christening favours don’t necessarily have to be big or expensive, but something tasteful can be a wonderful token of appreciation, and a great way to say thanks for sharing such a special day with us. If cheap and cheerful is more you, DaWanda has a great range of fun bracelets that can be saved as special mementos for the day, or maybe even saved by family members to give to the baby later in life for a fun but sentimental piece of jewellery. Alternatively, fun and quirky thank you cards in various shapes can get your message of thanks across simply and effectively. Custom tags, with the words, ‘thank you’ are sure to be enough, after putting on a lovely christening for them to enjoy. If you are feeling super generous, why not combine both, a gift to be kept as a memento for the day, coupled with a tag of appreciation with a message to say thanks for coming!

DaWanda - the only place for unique and original christening supplies

It is natural to want your child’s Christening to stand out from the rest. Undoubtedly it will be a day to remember for such a range of reasons, so let DaWanda assist you in letting it stand out as a unique and individual christening with our range of fab accessories, chic necessities and useful gifts and products. DaWanda is the ideal market if you are looking for christening products that are unlike any you’ve seen before. Whether you are looking for something completely out there, and unique, or you are just looking for something a little bit more unique and original than your classic high street range, then you have come to the right place.

Whether you are looking for gifts for the christened baby himself, such as jewellery or baby footwear, to gifts to help out the new parents such as nappy cakes, what can be guaranteed with DaWanda is originality from your chosen product. All items are handmade but our selection of talented designers, ensuring the highest quality products. You can rest assured; none of the items found at DaWanda will be available on the high street, either in high street stores or on mainstream websites. The featured designs are always fun and original. Browse the DaWanda catalogue to ensure your child’s special day is littered with fun decorations, great gifts and even invitations, jewellery and other such mementos of the day that can be kept for years to come.