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Pencil cases that delight all the senses

The four leaf clover has a very interesting history attached to it. Although most people associate the four leaf clover with St. Patrick's Day, this good luck charm can be traced all the way back to the Druids, in Ireland. They believed that four leaf clovers had magical powers, and could protect against evil, while bringing good fortune. Today, the four leaf clover is placed in the category of good luck symbols and is an attractive emblem when incorporated into the design of jewellery and ornaments. DaWanda have a lovely selection of four leaf clover good luck charms, with a variation of unique designs to choose from. Four leaf clover earrings make the perfect gift for family members and close friends. Good luck charms are great to share any time of the year. And let's face it, who wouldn't appreciate a four leaf clover, with the luck of the Irish thrown in?

Make Your Own Good Luck Charm Piece

Even if you don't believe in the powers of this good luck charm, you can still enjoy it. You'll be complimented on your unique and creative piece of jewellery, and these good luck symbols extend further than tasteful adornments. Cufflinks and key rings all look great when decorated with a good luck charm. Pendants attached to bracelets and necklaces are easy to make too. The DaWanda store has a wide selection of materials, like jewellery cord and chains, to create the perfect piece, with attractive good luck charms. The bright green colour of the four leaf clover, embedded in resin, looks quite dramatic contrasted with a silver casing, for a charm to add to a bracelet.

Ready-made DaWanda Good Luck Symbols

Alternatively, choose one of the ready-made designs, bearing good luck symbols. All handmade pieces have individual appeal and DaWanda provides an excellent platform for those interested in handicrafts. DaWanda tutorials and DIY guides will help you make your very own unique items that you can sell online for a profit.