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Handmade breast pads for nursing mothers

As a mother you'll know how important it is to stay dry and comfortable during pregnancy, and while breastfeeding. Breast pads are available in disposable and reusable forms, and help to protect your clothing from leakage from breast milk and colostrum. Breast pads are as vital as maternity pads, during the various stages of pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Wearing breast pads can prevent nipple soreness from developing. The breast pads made by our designers at Dawanda are produced from quality materials for added comfort, and to ensure your skin stays healthy and dry. Reusable breast pads are economical and the cottons used are highly absorbent.

Unique and discreet breast pads

The Dawanda breast pads, available to purchase on the online marketplace, are unique and discreet. These particular breast pads are of very high quality, made from 100% Lohan cotton. This material is free from toxic chemicals, including formaldehyde and bleaches, found in some maternity pads. It's also non-fluorescent, to prevent weakening of the immune system and the development of allergies, such as contact dermatitis while breastfeeding. Babies are particularly susceptible to conditions like atopic dermatitis, although using these breast pads can safeguard from this. Lahan breast pads are also super absorbent, and consist of 3 layers, the top one being pure cotton. The PUL layer is leak-proof, as with maternity pads, and the outer cotton layer is soft and gentle against the skin, like quality maternity pads.

Handmade pregnancy accessories made with love and care

Our designers at the Dawanda marketplace are great at crafts and DIY. You can be sure that whatever product you purchase from Dawanda, you'll be receiving something original and very creative. There is a great selection of complimentary pregnancy accessories to choose from, like pretty nursing reminders, and attractive breast pad holders, available in an assortment of colours. Dawanda is the perfect platform for crafty people who appreciate unique do it yourself items. You can even learn how to make your own breastfeeding accessories, by way of our online tutorials.