So many creative ideas: DIY tutorials to help you with everything homemade!

Do you have the DIY bug? Do you want to start making things yourself? Would you like the opportunity to unleash your creativity, and create a beautiful product or gift from scratch? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place! Our DIY tutorials can help with both ideas and instructions for everything from home and garden projects, to fashion and accessories. Look no further for DIY tutorials, video tutorials and inspiration!

Handmade with love! DIY ideas from DaWanda

The next time one of your friends or family has a birthday; don’t give them the usual, boring body lotion or perfume; gifts for the ones we care about should be personal. Why not give your gifts that personal touch by making them yourself, and let DaWanda help you with ideas, instructions and supplies. Here at DaWanda we have tutorials for DIY gifts, decorations and furniture, and each one is detailed and easy to follow, so no matter how experienced you are, you will be able to create something special.

Crafting, sewing, decorating & more!

Whether it’s for a birthday, a wedding, Christmas or something just for you, we have DIY ideas for all occasions. Maybe you want to make a bag, knit some baby clothes, or create some new clothes to add to your wardrobe - we can help. If you want to go for the trendy shabby-chic look, we have great ideas and instructions for upcyling and restoring old furniture. We also have cookery recipes and ideas  for delicous everyday food, and something extra for those special occasions like weddings and parties. Our DIY tutorials also cover topics including crafts, jewellery making, and much more!

DIY tutorials & supplies: We have everything you need at DaWanda

Once you have beed inspired, or picked your favourite tutorial from our DIY tutorials page, you’ll need supplies before you can start. Luckily you need look no further than the DaWanda supply shop. There you’ll find all the tools and equipment you need to get started; including fabric, sewing patterns, buttons, ribbon, paint,  and lots more. When it comes to DIY we’re certainly here to help!