Make An Ice Candle Holder

You need

  • Large vessel (glass works well)

  • Smaller vessel

  • Berries, branches or flowers

  • Small stones

  • Description


      When it is cold outside this beautiful candle holder can help raise the temperature, at least in your heart. They're made of ice and can add a classic winter touch to any occasion! 
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      Here's how

      Fill a container with about 1/4 liter of water. Place a glass, or other small vessel, in the middle and weigh it down with some stones. In addition to this, tape it securely in place to make sure it doesn't move. 

      Now fill up the larger vessel with more water and add some berries, leaves and branches. It's a good idea to add things of different weights so some sink and some float. This will give you a nice even distribution of decorative additions in the candle holder.  

      Now you need to freeze the water. You can do this in the freezer, or if it's cold enough,  just leave it outside. 

      The next day, remove the ice holder from the mould. Place a tealight inside and decorate your balcony or your front door with your beautiful ice lantern. 
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