You need

  • Timber

  • Hammer

  • Nails

  • Coloured yarn

  • Template of your design

  • Description


      Carving initials into trees used to be all the rage. Fee from the blog Fee ist mein Name inspires us with a great image of her initials made from nails, wood and wool. So now you don't need to chisel your next lover's name in stone, or on a tree, but get your hammer, nail it and hang it in your home.

      DIY tutorial: Make Wall Art From Wool And Nails via



      I selected the letters I wanted in Photoshop and printed them out in the required size, then I hand drew the heart. I cut out the initials and glued them to the wood. 

      Next I used the hammer to space the nails uniformly around the initials and the heart. I did the heart first, then the letters. Then I gently tore off the paper template.
      DIY tutorial: Make Wall Art From Wool And Nails via


      Weaving the Yarn

      Now you are ready to begin weaving the yarn. I started at the top of the heart and knotted one end of the yarn neatly to a nail. 

      After that I wove around the contours of the heart and the letters. It is very important to make a loop around each nail, so that the yarn doesn't slip off. Then I started weaving back and forth, without going across the letters. 

      Finally I knotted the end onto the lowest nail. I purposely did not cut off the thread because I thought that it made it look a little bit like a heart balloon, when I hung up the picture.
      DIY tutorial: Make Wall Art From Wool And Nails via


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