You need

  • Piece of cardboard for the pattern

  • Sewing machine

  • Hot iron and ironing board

  • Scissors

  • Pins

  • Tape measure

  • Ruler

  • Roll cutter and cutting pad (Optional but very useful)

  • Fabric in the correct size

  • 2 x inner lining and 2 x outer fabric

  • 2 x strips of voluminous interfacing with adhesive

  • Description


      Here's another great tutorial from Lu of the blog Luloveshandmade. Here, she shows us how to sew a great little fabric basket. It's great for storing remote controllers, phones and tiny gadgets on a TV table or small toys and odds and ends. It can even make a great bread basket for your breakfast table. Best of all, it's pretty easy to make...

      So... Ready to give it a go?

      DIY tutorial: Sew a Fabric Basket via


      Prepare the Material

      Get all the materials you need to hand.
      DIY tutorial: Sew a Fabric Basket via


      Create Your Template

      Use a piece of cardboard to draw the pattern.

      You don't need to print this one out (it only has approximate size proportions), better make your own one with the measurements given.

      DIY tutorial: Sew a Fabric Basket via


      Cut Your Fabric

      Once you have prepared your pattern, use it to cut out the pieces of fabric:

      2 x the outer fabric
      2 x the inner lining
      2 x the interfacing

      Then you have six pieces of fabric of the same size. 

      DIY tutorial: Sew a Fabric Basket via



      Iron the outer fabric (floral) and the inner fabric (polka dots).

      Then take the outer fabric and iron both pieces each onto a piece of voluminous batting. It should have a sticky surface which connects both layers while ironing.

      Then you only have four pieces left: 2x inner fabric and 2x outer fabric with the interfacing on the back. Then take the two pieces of inner fabric and turn them right sides facing each other, and do the same with the outer fabric.

      DIY tutorial: Sew a Fabric Basket via


      Pin and Sew

      Next, use your pins to pin the layers together. Then take your sewing machine to sew the left, right and bottom edges onto each other.

      Afterwards, use your pins to attach the right side to the bottom, with the seams meeting in the middle.

      DIY tutorial: Sew a Fabric Basket via


      Check Alignment and Attach

      On the top-left photo, you can see where the seams of side and bottom meet. When you put your basket onto the table, it should now look like the top-right photo, and you should be able to half-recognise the future shape of your sewing project.

      Then also attach the left side to the bottom and close the opening.

      DIY tutorial: Sew a Fabric Basket via


      Close the Openings

      Again, make sure that the seams of side and bottom meet and close the opening with pins. Then it should be looking like on the bottom-left photo.

      Use your sewing machine to close both openings, leave a seam allowance of 1cm.

      DIY tutorial: Sew a Fabric Basket via


      Sew Inner Fabric and Attach the Inner and Outer Baskets

      Next, repeat steps 5, 6 & 7 with the inner fabric and turn it into a basket as well.

      Then you have two wrong-side-out baskets. Put the outer basket into the inner one, right sides facing. Make sure that the seams are at the same places and then connect the top edge with pins.

      After having pinned both layers onto each other, you can now top-stitch and thus connect the inner and outer fabric. Make sure not to sew completely around, because you will need an opening to turn the basket inside out, as indicated by the pins on the bottom-left photo.

      Now turn it inside-out through the opening and iron the top edge.

      Use pins to fix it and then top-stitch along the whole top edge in order to make it look neat and in order to close the opening.

      And... you're done!
      DIY tutorial: Sew a Fabric Basket via


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