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Dolls to delight with DaWanda

Few items are as personal and individual as dolls and figurines. We all remember when we were young, and we cherished our own special dolls, giving them characters and telling stories about their lives. Well, with this collection of baby dolls and other toys from DaWanda, kids can let their imaginations grow and flourish, and they can bond with some of the most beautiful dolls available. Dolls are also superbly collectable, and these designer creations will never lose their elegance and quality, so they will appeal to adults and children alike.

A huge range of wonderful creations to suit all tastes

This is a stunning collection of dolls from the team of creative and talented artisans at DaWanda. Every doll is totally unique, and has been lovingly crafted to possess character and artistic beauty. There is everything from Japanese inspired creations to fisherman dolls and even the chance to have a skilled toy designer create your own character. There are also some marvellous baby dolls to introduce infants to the world of art and beauty. With these dolls, it is easy to create a DIY toy collection like no other.

Dawanda: Bringing imagination and beauty to all

DaWanda has the mission of bringing the very best in arts and crafts to consumers who appreciate beautiful things and want their everyday lives to be filled with attractive sights. Our home selection covers every item imaginable, always designed by some of the best contemporary designers around. By linking designers of high quality crafts with our customers, we hope that you will be able to create do it yourself interiors that will be the envy of anyone who sees them.