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Superb stones and extraordinary amber jewellery from DaWanda

Gemstones are gorgeous - as every lover of jewellery knows - but they have to be inserted skillfully into well designed settings to look their best. This collection of gemstone jewellery from the DaWanda marketplace shows off how to blend beautiful gems with dazzling settings. These items, which include everything from chalcedony stones to luxurious amber jewellery, possess stunning colours and textures. This collection of gemstone jewellery is also diverse, with transparent crystal items and rich, red designs as well, so that there will definitely be a necklace, pendant or earring set to combine with your wardrobe and fashion tastes.

Gemstone jewellery with beauty and class

This is a supremely produced selection of gemstone jewellery from some of the finest jewellers around. You will find unique, creative items such as blue chalcedony earrings, opaque crystal studs, quartz pendants, beautiful pink opal rings and rock crystal necklaces - everything that could be needed to assemble DIY looks that no one at the party or wedding will be able to match. Take your fashion sense to another level with these classy, elegant items of gemstone jewellery and have something exquisite to show off at any occasion. From work to christenings, cocktail parties to weddings, gemstone jewellery is a fantastic way to stand out.

Do it yourself fashion ideas from DaWanda

The DaWanda marketplace is a fabulous way to connect with the world's finest creators of crystal or amber jewellery. We have a mission to offer stunningly individual items of jewellery with designer flair for detail and form, and which go far beyond the generic designs that retail outlets have to offer. With DaWanda, gemstone jewellery can elevate anyone's look and some entrancing do it yourself fashion effects can be achieved. The only limit is your imagination.