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FAQs for Buyers

  1. How does buying on DaWanda work?
  2. What happens after I buy something?
  3. How can I pay?
  4. What is PayPal and how does it work?
  5. What about delivery fees?
  6. When and how do I get what I bought?
  7. When do I have to make my payment?
  8. Can I contact the seller?
  9. The seller speaks a different language from me! How can we communicate?
  10. What important information should I know before I place my order?
  11. I didn’t receive my order, what do I do now?
  12. There’s a problem with the product I ordered, what steps can I take?
  13. Shall I give feedback after purchase?
  14. What does Combined Shipping mean?

How does buying on DaWanda work?

At DaWanda you buy directly from the producer. Simply click the "Buy Now" button when viewing any item you want to order. An item must have an in-stock quantity of at least one for you to purchase it. After clicking this, you can either continue shopping or you can review your shopping basket to confirm your purchase. If you are purchasing items from different sellers you need to complete the shopping process for each seller individually as shipping costs and payment methods vary from seller to seller. We will then send you a confirmation email and the seller will confirm that (s)he received your order, thus automatically sending you their payment information. After the confirmation by the seller you can transfer the money to the seller's account. The seller must receive your payment within 7 days after confirmation.

What happens after I buy something?

The seller will contact you to confirm your order and the final amount you have to pay including shipping costs. Shipping costs may differ from the website if you order several products from one seller or if you agree on a different shipping method with the seller, e.g. 24 hour delivery. You then need to make the payment and once the seller has received your payment he/she will send the product to the address you indicated. Once you’ve received the product please give your feedback for the transaction.

How can I pay?

Payment methods vary from seller to seller, bank transfers are one of the most common methods of payment across Europe however please be aware that sellers in certain countries (i.e. US, Thailand etc) cannot work with bank transfers and usually accept payments via PayPal. Please check carefully the accepted payment methods as described in the sellers’ shops. You can also buy DaWanda Vouchers to pay for your purchases – you can find more information about these in our Voucher FAQ.

What is PayPal and how does it work?

PayPal is an online service which allows payments and money transfers to be made quickly, easily and safely through the internet – all you need is a bank account and an email address to get started. It is widely available in a large number of countries across the world. You can find out more about PayPal and register for a free account at https://www.paypal.com

What about delivery fees?

All sellers indicate related shipping in their shop (national and international delivery). Please check carefully the shipping location of an item you wish to purchase. Items with no additional shipping costs are highlighted on the website. However, these shipping fees may vary from the price indicated, e.g. when you purchase several products from a seller or if you desire express delivery. Therefore, after purchasing an item the seller will contact you to confirm the final shipping fees and the total amount you have to pay. If you are not sure whether a seller will deliver to your home country, you can always ask them directly by clicking on the ‘Ask a question?’ link on the item page.

When and how do I get what I bought?

Most of the time you will receive the products you’ve purchased via post. If you want your item to be sent faster you can agree on Express Delivery or secure delivery with the seller. If the shipping address is different to your billing address you can indicate it in the shopping process, e.g. if you want to send it as a present. Delivery times depend on the shipping method and on additional delivery times indicated in the sellers’ shops. In some cases a seller might produce an item just for you, so delivery times will be longer. However, the majority of the products listed on DaWanda are available immediately. If not, delivery times are always indicated in the respective shops.

When do I have to make my payment?

Please make your payment once you received the confirmation of your order from the seller. Your payment should be in the seller’s account at the latest by 7 days after confirmation of your order.

Can I contact the seller?

You can always contact the seller by sending them a message using the "Contact me" link on the seller’s profile. Alternatively, on each product page you will see a link called ‘Ask a question?’. If you click this, you can contact the seller specifically about that product. After you have purchased an item, you can also leave messages for the seller on the order page, which they will be notified about via email.

The seller speaks a different language from me! How can we communicate?

The DaWanda marketplace is divided into English, French and German platforms. Sometimes you might find an item on another platform which you wish to purchase. If this is the case, don’t worry! Most sellers will make an effort to communicate with you in English to make the transaction easier. But if you find that you’re having problems communicating, then you can always send an email to feedback-en@dawanda.com. Then a member of our team will contact the seller in their native language on your behalf.

What important information should I know before I place my order?

Before you place your order in a seller’s shop, it is important to check the following things:

  • Does the seller deliver to your country?
  • Which payment methods does the seller accept? Will one of these methods work for you?
  • What is the seller’s Return Policy/Terms & Conditions? These are binding for your transaction.
  • Is any potential delivery delay mentioned in the item description which you should bear in mind? (e.g. is the item made to order, is the seller on vacation at the moment)

    Once you have checked all these things, you should feel confident to place your order!

  • I didn’t receive my order, what do I do now?

    If you didn’t receive the product you’ve purchased please check if your payment has been transferred to the seller. Please notify us asap if you have not received your order, even though payment has been made correctly.

    There’s a problem with the product I ordered, what steps can I take?

    If the product you received does not correspond to what you’ve expected when you ordered it please try to liaise with the seller to find a solution. If you are unable to find a solution together with the seller please let us know and we will do our best to solve the situation. You can always contact us by sending an email to feedback-en@dawanda.com

    Shall I give feedback after purchase?

    Yes, absolutely! Your feedback is vital to make the platform secure, to eliminate black sheep and also to reward those that act professionally and responsibly. Please give your feedback after you have purchased something from a seller so that others can make a more informed decision before purchasing something.

    What does Combined Shipping mean?

    With Combined Shipping, a seller can offer you a shipping discount, if you buy more than one article from their shop in the same transaction.

    You are charged the Single Shipping price for the item with the highest shipping price. For all other items, you are charged a Combined Shipping price.

    For example:
    You have a bag in your shopping basket, with a shipping cost of 5 EUR. Then in the same shop you discover a brooch you want to buy, with the combined shipping cost of 0.00 EUR. If you put this brooch in your shopping basket and buy that as well, you don't need to pay any additional shipping costs for it!