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All you need to do, is to comment on which product exactly that you like out of the collection (please include the full title of the work!), and the random winner will take home a €35 voucher to spend, and the winning artist will win a showcase spot he

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  • Comments: 111
  • Last updated: 12.02.2014
  • Visitors: 4.624
Anton Antonsson ...
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Pinned on: 07.01.2009

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KoKo Mola 01 Original Doll...
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Pinned on: 07.01.2009

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Cubical Birdies Origami Original Painting...
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Pinned on: 10.11.2008

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The Party...
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Pinned on: 10.11.2008

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Reserved for  allerliebst...
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Pinned on: 04.11.2008

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Bague "Animoo - Abracadabra"...
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Pinned on: 04.11.2008

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Office Cat Tote...
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Pirate packs containing a matching mustache and......
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Pinned on: 04.11.2008

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I just love the wonderful magic and humour applied to the wonderful craftmanship in Bague "Animoo Abracadabra" by juanriusech.
would love to see more like this

catryan 08.05.2009 11:30


I love the Koko Mola Original doll by Paola. So beautiful and obviously made with mucho love x

Violetlake 08.05.2009 10:48


I love the koko Malo Original Doll by Paola, just so beautiful and obviously made with mucho love! x

Violetlake 08.05.2009 10:47


I like the painting Jump by baolin. It's full of energy accentuated by the vivid and lively colours that really make you want to jump.

sewella 31.01.2009 00:05


I love Lady and the Candlestick...wonderful designs...

blueshine 27.01.2009 14:27


I like the Bague "Animoo - Abracadabra"
by juanriusech. It is very unique work, that we dont get to see every day. Fantastic artist!

shefa 25.01.2009 16:38


I like too much Rascal! in fact: I LOVE HIM!!!!!

PaolaZakimi 15.01.2009 14:23


I love TREE by Syko best!!! Love the style and color and sewing mixed with paper.

AlyTheRed 14.01.2009 17:19


it's got to be the pirate pack!

CeebWassermann 14.01.2009 15:41


I totally love Rascal der Waschbär! It's a funny and a simple idea to make, but it's unique for its style too. It explains that simple things are always the best, I love it!


julietteenrose 14.01.2009 14:06


I love the strongman paperdoll "El Luchador" by hoppelhase

SaraB 14.01.2009 00:36


As soon as the eyes of the Koko Mola 01 Original Doll set eyes on me, I was smitten. My definite choice for the winner!

thirdfloor 13.01.2009 15:32


Rascal der Waschbär can go through my trashcans anytime!

superdumb 13.01.2009 03:42


I LOVE the racoon pillow, Rascal der Waschbär. Oh, wie schoen!

meggerrrs 12.01.2009 23:10


I like the El Luchador paperdoll.
It's simple and creative.

naukea 12.01.2009 05:03


I like them all, but I vote for Cubical Birdies Origami Original Painting by Lertsis.

HunterandCoDesigns 11.01.2009 22:13


My vote goes to the CraftPuddings stamps! Beautifully made.

Mayken 11.01.2009 19:56


My favorites are the stamps from CraftPudding, they are so cute and naive.

lemelimelodeval 11.01.2009 18:18


There's a few that I'm coveting but I have to say the LOF Shopping/ Grocery/ Beach Bag by Little Odd Forest is the one I am indeed most smitten with!

indiegurl 11.01.2009 03:47


It was so hard to choose because I really liked so much here
My vote is for The Lady and the Candlestick.

BeadRee 10.01.2009 23:11


I love these picks! Amy of Pikaland has done such a fab job and what a great eye she has for totally awesome work! My favorite piece is the KoKo Mola 01 Original Doll. I would love to win so I can buy one of these lovelies!

paperNstitch 10.01.2009 21:01


Rascal der Waschbär RESERVIERT für Marinam is my choice. You can't get much cuter than this guy!

[email protected]

PattiGunning 10.01.2009 18:59


I also like Rascal der Waschbär best!

rins 10.01.2009 17:19


The CraftPudding red riding hood stamps are my favourite by far.

I adore stamps and these are so delightfully playful!

stolenpie 10.01.2009 16:38


I really love the simple but strong look of The Wolf...!

Du3l 10.01.2009 15:08


I love the Bague "Animoo - Abracadabra", it's so sweet!

MissLavelli 10.01.2009 10:53


'KoKo Mola 01 Original Doll' is beautiful.

zofia 10.01.2009 10:20


So many of there are just terrific, but I have to say the little red riding hood handmade stamps are my favorite! She's one of my favorite characters, although her literary history is more shady than common fairy tales lead on.

prarirose 10.01.2009 06:49


I love the Red Riding Hood stamps. Love the characters and a great idea for stamps!

lollygaggin 10.01.2009 03:50


The Luchador paper doll was my favourite -- until I saw the cat with glasses! But they are all great.

apartmentcat 10.01.2009 01:14


Ah the lady and the candlestick made me think of a little girl growing up with it on her wall, then as an adult hanging it become a treasure hung in every home she has


mrslizziegreen 10.01.2009 01:09


It's so hard to choose! But I think I like Rascal der Waschbär the most!

lilysmakebelieve 09.01.2009 23:37


I LOVE DoroHuber's shop! Love the print! Such amazing colors!
Doro! Doro! Doro!!

lalalisaloo 09.01.2009 21:57


I love the Heli8S Tiger Wall Hanging!

prpldy 09.01.2009 21:38


I fell in love with Paolo's Koko Mola doll as soon as I saw it. Her other dolls are adorable, too!

axelhoney 09.01.2009 19:12


oooh so hard to choose...but i must say i love love love Paola's doll! crafts worth handing down are priceless.

miladyproductions 09.01.2009 18:42


oops, didnt mean to spam, i was expecting my comment to appear at the bottom ><

tzeqi 09.01.2009 17:47


i love craft pudding stamps! so whimsical and cute!

tzeqi 09.01.2009 17:46


I love Koko Mola's doll, so awesome!

selkiemoonlight 09.01.2009 17:34


MargaMarina! Rascal der Waschbar!!! my favorite for sure!!!

LaurenceDoyonThibeault 09.01.2009 17:17


Anton Antonsson is marvelous. Great design, color, and illustration .

prism 09.01.2009 16:54


Anton Antonsson is marvelous. great design color and illustration

prism 09.01.2009 16:52


Oh this is hard! I love the stamps, but the Rascal der Waschbär along with so many other things in marga marina's shop have my heart!

MirahLee 09.01.2009 16:32


What a difficult decision..I love them all! I especially love Katrine's art! Thanks!

Luciatheresa 09.01.2009 16:17


My vote is for sykos Tree-art print. 'Tis just lovely, it is.

balanced 09.01.2009 16:14


the shopping bag by Lynda Lye gets my vote!

mint 09.01.2009 16:13


I Vote for Anton Antonsson´s Screenprints Beautiful work!

Buitron 09.01.2009 15:54


The calendar shall be mine! It is so whimsical and colorful. A delight.

foodchic 09.01.2009 15:38


i love the Rascal der Waschbär by margamarina the most!! Everything is ridiculously adorable though.

numbereight 09.01.2009 15:27


What wonderful choices! Hand carved stamps just keep surprising and delighting though - my vote!

whistlepunch 09.01.2009 15:23


I vote for Jenny! :-) I LOVE HER WORK

AnnaDenise 09.01.2009 15:07


Always so hard to pick but KatrineK's work is very lovely.

pulpsushiDAWANDA 09.01.2009 15:03


So hard to choose but I have to say the handcarved stamps are my favorites!

anazur 09.01.2009 14:45


I love LOF Shopping/ Grocery/ Beach Bag tis so lovely.

Sheeba_Shaanan 09.01.2009 14:22


Bague "Animoo - Abracadabra" is my favorite!

MadisonAvenue 09.01.2009 14:03


I like the " Bague "Animoo-Abracadabra" "

dieagentin 09.01.2009 13:51


Absolutely love the Red Riding Hood stamps. Beautiful design and great idea for a stamps set!

lollygaggin 09.01.2009 13:48


the calender by tinydream! i dont have one yet...

Sealia 09.01.2009 13:31


the calendar the calendar! every month a new picture, many stories :)

soosixty 09.01.2009 13:15


I love the Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale - hand carved stamp set of 3 by craftpudding!! The cutest!!

nakedtile 09.01.2009 12:41


I love the Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale stamps : absolutly A-DO-RA-BLE ;D ;)

englishcookies 09.01.2009 12:32


i like the Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale - hand carved stamp set of 3 by craft pudding the most so adorable

littlePrintStore 09.01.2009 11:47


I love LOF Shopping/ Grocery/ Beach Bag
by littleoddforest. Love the simplicity such a perfect and cute bag!

SoCuteItHurts 09.01.2009 11:18


I heart Craftpudding's Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale - hand carved. They are so cute and I can think a million things to make with them. A little story book for instance, I only have to set a background.

babalisme 09.01.2009 11:13


Bague's "Animoo-Abracadabra" is a whimsically clever piece of wearable, mixed-media sculpture that let's the rabbit out of the hat (sic).

triesquid 09.01.2009 11:10


I love Rascal der Waschbär by margamarina, it's so sweet and tender!

Benila 09.01.2009 10:46


I love Bague "Animoo - Abracadabra"

ksklein 09.01.2009 10:45


KoKo Mola Doll for me. I love the little face!

shelbyhealey 09.01.2009 10:30


I love the wolf by artatelier - so spunky

rosalindr 09.01.2009 09:57


my favourites are definately the red riding hood stamps by craft pudding, so cute :)

PhatSheep 09.01.2009 09:13


my favourite is definately the red riding hood stamps by craft pudding, soo cute :)

PhatSheep 09.01.2009 09:13


I love craftpuddings stamps best!

zakkaya 09.01.2009 09:12


the office cat tote is awesome :) my fav

tabithaemma 09.01.2009 09:12


I LOVE LOVE LOVE tsktsk's Hephalumps.

vbeyer 09.01.2009 05:06


Oops, I didn't mean to comment twice! Well, now three times...

bjensen 09.01.2009 04:00


I adore the Red Riding Hood stamps. So cute! Even the bad ol' fox is adorable.

mojoandco 09.01.2009 03:59


It's very hard to choose. I really really love the lady with the candlestick though. Great choices!

bjensen 09.01.2009 03:58


I'm really amazed by the Rascal (Rascal der Waschbär) Raccoon. There's something so charming and eye catch about it! Let me take him home :(

i-Miffy 09.01.2009 03:57


I love that colorful calendar by tinydream

JHudon-Verrelli 09.01.2009 03:07


So many lovely things, but my heart has such a soft spot for Paperdoll "El Luchador" by hoppelhase. I don't think I could cut them up though!

pocketcarnival 09.01.2009 02:54


top pick = Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale - hand carved stamp set of 3: they are unique and most importantly you can use them again and again without the guilt of using your one of a kind stationary :) perfect!

flowerlight 09.01.2009 02:20


How did you know I had a thing for strongmen, Hoppelhase!? I *love* that paper doll so much!

COTL 09.01.2009 00:10


I fell in love with the wolf of artatelier some time ago. Still this work keeps being my favorite one. So simple and though so good!

alinea 08.01.2009 23:32


love those red riding hood stamps. carving stamps is amazingly difficult to me so i am impressed and amazed!

ren119 08.01.2009 21:24


I love the simplicity and colours of the tree art print.

feltfinland 08.01.2009 21:00


really like the cat shopper bag and Rascal the stuffed racoon, both are very cute and useful items. As for 'the purely there for the sake of beauty' items I just love The Tiger wallhanging and the Bague "Animoo - Abracadabra" piece. Both highly unusual and eyecatching!

coffeeaddictdawanda 08.01.2009 20:29


I love the Lady and the Candlestick, but I really like KoKo Mola too! Everything is great; what a wonderful bunch.

candacejean 08.01.2009 20:23


Oh, the Office Cat Tote without a doubt!! I LOVE it!!!

sfer 08.01.2009 19:56


I really like the hand crafted stamps of craftpudding!!

Strawbunnyshop 08.01.2009 18:50


Without a doubt, the Rascal der Waschbär by margamarina. He's so quirky, and her other items are just as wonderful. :-)

irit 08.01.2009 18:16


The Tiger wallhanging - it's just so very cute. Hard choice, though. The stamps and office-cat are a lot of fun, too...

xochitl 08.01.2009 18:12


I love The lady and the candle stick, so KatrineK get's my vote! Was hard to choose though 'cause everythings so fab! :)

SweetPirateBetty 08.01.2009 18:08


Office Cat for President!

laurabird 08.01.2009 17:32


I vote for the animoo-abacadabra ring, always wanted have a magical finger ...

merckwaerdigh 08.01.2009 17:29


I love the Office Cat Tote. It's simple but so beautiful and going at work with such a bag would make you start the day in a better way =)

kizmet 08.01.2009 17:21


there are so many favorites that it's hard to chose only one.
But I vote for The Lady and the Candlestick by Katrinek.
Good luck!!!!!!

munieca 08.01.2009 17:10


I'm in love with "KoKo Mola 01 Original Doll" by LaSrtaPil. All the pieces are so wonderful & whimsical, it was a tough decision!

JennyTheArtist 08.01.2009 17:05


"Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale - hand carved stamp set of 3"
These are totally fabulous. I need to buy them!
...I also like the calendar very much.

GLUECKl-ich 08.01.2009 16:57


The rabbit in the hat is so cute. It makes me think of magic shows at childrens' birthday parties!

jennybridger 08.01.2009 16:43


I like this one: LOF Shopping/ Grocery/ Beach Bag

rokdarbi 08.01.2009 16:41


It´s hard to choose... but I really love those "Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale - hand carved stamp set of 3", by CraftPudding!

kuartzo 08.01.2009 16:29


Baolin's beautiful fabric collage, Jump Up 01!

Krelsk 08.01.2009 16:27


great pics!! I love The Lady and the Candlestick

HeartHandmade 08.01.2009 16:19


I love the Rascal der Waschbär - so cute!

puzzler721 08.01.2009 16:18


Koko Mola I need to have you. xoxoxo

reneenizam58 08.01.2009 15:59


I love the brooches by HeliS

isobelblake 08.01.2009 14:16


I love the Red Riding hood stamps!

glamasaurus 08.01.2009 12:50


I love the LOF Shopping/ Grocery/ Beach Bag. So perfect on its simplicity. Great designs!


*** my flickr page ***

Mikacreations 08.01.2009 12:15


...I'm simply in love with the bague "Animoo - Abracadabra", a perfect example of "portable art"! :o)

logos63 08.01.2009 10:48


I love CraftPuddings stamps - so cute!

kelidevi 08.01.2009 08:58


I like the Rascal der Waschbär most!

georgianess 08.01.2009 08:18

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