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Ear Plugs and Ear Stretchers

Ear plugs and ear stretchers are a perfect choice for people who love the unusual and artistic in their body adornments. DaWanda's great range of ear plugs and ear stretchers feature designs in multiple sizes, colours and styles, including wood plugs and stretchers in colourful and bold patterns which you can use to express yourself, your beliefs and pair with your unique style and personality. Custom designed by crafters who understand individuality in form and function, our range of plugs and stretchers is unique and original. Choosing the right jewellery to suit your look completes it.

Ear Stretching Jewellery

Eye-catching plug jewellery and stretchers from DaWanda are created by talented artists in home-based or community projects which aim at manufacturing a range of body embellishments that are artful, unusual and interesting. Our creative designers produce top-quality products that fit into your lifestyle and offer great value for money. Enhance your style and identity with a varied range of ear stretchers and plugs in amazing colours, styles and sizes, all designed to attract attention for all the best reasons. All DaWanda jewellery is quality guaranteed and designed to provide durability for years to come.

DaWanda Ear Jewellery

DaWanda jewellery and ear stretchers are available to suit all your avante garde and funk inspired outfits and style. Designed to suit the truly original and exciting body artists, who love to mix and match their style to create works of art with their bodies. Plugs and stretchers from DaWanda in wood and metal can be worn with a range of clothing, bracelets rings and other accessories from our online catalogues. Choose your favourite ear plugs and stretchers from DaWanda online and start creating your own original style and vibration.