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    2 cabochons silicone mould epoxy drop ML28(4.7)

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    • Details
      Product description

      2 cabochons silicone mould epoxy drop ML28(4.7) - FurnityurMolds

      Shop Category: Resin pendants, cabochons

      Thickness - 9.5mm and 3.5mm

      Silicone is flexible, resistant to tearing, durable in use. Production - the USA.
      Scopes of silicone forms are different.
      They can be used with such materials as light metals, plaster, wax, soap, epoxy and urethane resins.
      Operating temperature: from -18°C to 204°C / from -0.4°F to399.2°F
      Recommendations for using of our silicone molds:

      1. First of all use molds very carefully, don't use sharp and other piercing-cutting items in work with molds.
      2. Shortly before the work rinse the molds in water, because silicone tends to pull on the dust and the various types of litter. After that, leave to dry on a napkin.
      3. Epoxy resin should be poured in molds in layers, allowing air bubbles completely escape. To expedite the process of escaping of bubbles and time of solidification of resin, the mold can be a bit warmed up. For example, heat the oven to 80°C, turn off, ventilate it a little and put mold, filled with resin in the oven. Surface bubbles are easy to remove by gas lighter for stoves.
      4. Remove the finished product from the mold very carefully, at first gently bending back the edges of the form, then a slight movement to press the center of mold and remove the product.
      5. To facilitate removal of the finished product of a complex, deep mold, we recommend to remove it under running water with soap.

      Materials utilised
      Silicone class A, made in the USA

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