Tulip - Egg Sitters - Egg Cozies - Crochet Pattern

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      Product description

      Tulip - Egg Sitters - Egg Cozies - Crochet Pattern - patterns by steph

      Shop Category: Home Decoration

      EGG SITTER #02 - TULIP
      Get spring inside your home and onto your breakfast table with this beautiful Egg Sitters!

      They are a nice change compared to common egg warmers.

      These here are in tulip form and sit on a nest of grass.
      Your egg is hidden inside the bulb and kept warm until you're ready to eat it. :)

      Additional use: the Egg Sitters are not only a nice change on your breakfast table; they make for beautiful decorative items as well: on the table, the window sill, your shelfs…

      The tulip's stalk is variable in length. Especially when making a group of tulips you can get them to look slightly different pretty easily. You can also play with colors as much as you like. Whatever you like goes. :)

      Bonus: this is a NO SEW pattern (aside from sewing remaining openings closed), since the leaves and petals are directly crocheted onto the tulip. So with every tulip you make they'll always sit in the right place.

      The size depends on your gauge, chosen type of yarn and crochet hook size.
      I'm using Puppets Lyric yarn (8/8, DK/Light-Worsted) from Coats and a 3 mm hook (alternatively you can use two strands of Catania Originals).

      With that I get the following size/s:
      16 cm & more (depending on the stalk's length – without grass)

      [x] easy
      [x] intermediate
      [ ] difficult


      • PDF file
      • contains lots of reference pictures and step-by-step-instructions (photo tutorial)
      • available in two languages (englisch/german)
      • 9 pages of pattern
      • 23 pages of step-by-step instructions


      • via email
      • usually within 24 hours after payment has been received
      • you might need to let me know your preferred language, in case it's different from the one I send out by default


      • DK yarn (i.e. 8 ply Puppets Lyric or two strands of Catania Originals)
      • 3.0 mm hook
      • stitch marker (use a paper clip or piece of scrap-yarn)
      • stuffing
      • stuffing tool (probably)
      • scissors
      • tapestry needle/s

      [x] magic ring
      [x] chain
      [x] single crochet
      [ ] extended single crochet
      [x] half double crochet
      [x] double crochet
      [ ] triple crochet
      [x] slip stitch
      [x] loop stitch (instructions included)
      [x] increase and (invisible) decrease
      [x] crocheting in front loops (instructions included)
      [x] crocheting in back loops (instructions included)
      [x] crocheting back and forth in rows
      [x] crocheting in continuous rounds (rounds are not joined)
      [ ] surface crocheting (instructions included)
      [ ] changing yarn-color (instructions included)
      [ ] basic sewing (sewing on body-parts, closing openings, etc)
      [ ] basic embroidery (i.e. eyes, mouth, etc)

      ✿ The pattern is mine.
      Do not (re)sell this pattern, including translations to other languages and modifications; do not redistribute, including publishing on the internet.
      ✿ The finished figure/item is yours. :)
      Feel free to sell the finished products, handmade by yourself (no mass production). I'd love it if you would refer to my pattern/shop when doing so.
      Thank you! :)

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