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Original, Crafted Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are ideal to pair with any outfit or look you can think of, from casual beach wear, to stylish evening gowns. There is a stud earring set to suit each and every look and occasion. Studs from DaWanda are available in a range of styles, colours and designs from tiny silver and gold studs, to glass creations, fabric covered studs and antique or vintage styles. Unique stud earrings from artists and manufacturers who work with us are custom-made to suit a unique customer who prizes his individuality and a choice of quality materials. Stud earrings are the epitome of subtle style and elegance.

DaWanda Stud Earrings

Gorgeous studs are designed to be noticed, despite their small size. Subtle but beautiful stud earrings can be worn with almost any outfit of your choice, from ultra-casual to svelte and elegant evening gowns. Choosing the right one is easy using an online catalogue to view the different styles on offer. Carefully selecting the individual design of your choice is easy using our online platform. Our creative designers have hand-made a wonderful range of stud earrings in all the latest styles and fashion accents. A good range of antique and vintage styles is also available.

Creative DaWanda Stud Earrings

DaWanda stud earrings are available in so many different styles, sizes and shapes, that you will be spoiled for choice when visiting our online store. DaWanda earrings offer great quality, durability and craftsmanship in a range of fashion-aware jewellery which makes it easy for any woman to look stylish, make great gift items and can be worn with a selection of necklaces and bracelets from our online catalogue. The most beautiful women in the world, know how to choose earrings which enhance their femininity.