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Timeless tiles

Decorative tiles for all uses including floor tiles and bathroom tiles have been around for thousands of years. Made from baked, earthy terracotta clay through to finest fired china, tiles are an art form in their own right and have long been made as an expression of flair, individuality and status by many cultures. With a very wide selection of floor tiles, bathroom tiles and decorative tiles at DaWanda, brought to you by individual designers and crafts people from all over the globe, choosing tiles for whatever reason is now a lot easier and, a really enjoyable creative experience. With so many beautiful designs, it's more like viewing an art exhibition than shopping, and you are sure to come away with something unique, and just right for your needs.

A gorgeous way to lift any space

Next to their sheer beauty, the great thing about tiles is their incredible versatility. Try a few richly glazed, jewel coloured Art Noveau style bathroom tiles along the edge of a surface. Some hand painted dutch inspired designs as a frieze on a wall in a child's playroom, or an eclectic, textured modern design for a shower cubicle wall. Perhaps pick a one off, designer tile as an original tea pot stand. A few ultra modern tiles would work well for a wall design, and would make great present. With many individually crafted and designed tiles on offer, all of an exceptional standard, there's no shortage of choice for everyone from the interior designer to the DIY tiling enthusiast.

Expertly chosen tiles just for you

Playful and expressive, tiles are a wonderful addition to any home, and at DaWanda, our suppliers have been sourced because they make the most original and best ones available. Also they are all laid out in an easy to navigate way, which takes out the legwork but leaves in the freedom of choice for DaWanda customers. It also guarantees an unrivalled selection of tiles to give your home an individually designed, lasting flair and originality that's all your own.