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Inspiring Valentine's Day gifts

Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually on the 14th of February in countries across the globe. Today it is broadly celebrated through the exchanging of cards, gifts and flowers between couples and partners; however few are familiar with the interesting history of the event. The celebration has its roots in Christianity, with the story of Valentine’s day beginning with the Saint Valentinus. Set in the Holy Roman Empire, the story suggests Valentinus was punished for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. During imprisonment Valentinus sent letters to the daughter of his jailor, signing each letter ‘your valentine’ as a farewell. While other religions such as the Anglican and Lutheran church continue to celebrate with feasts, in the majority of western cultures the day is simply celebrated through its associations with romantic love. Common symbols of Valentine’s day include the heart, doves figures of the winged cupid amongst other romantically associated shapes and images. The range of Valentines gifts offered by DaWanda feature the classic representations of Valentine’s day, as well as a far greater variety, ranging from Valentine’s decorations to his and hers Jewellery.

Valentine’s day - a date in the calendar for the romantics

Indeed, as a result of these romantic associations, Valentine’s day if often celebrated intimately between a couple and celebrations can range from going out to dinner to taking your loved one away on a romantic break. Whatever it may be, the aim is to indicate to your loved one just how much they mean to you, and the day is used as an opportunity to express the love you have for your partner. A central part of Valentine’s day, even since the 18th century when flowers, confectionery’s and greetings cards known as ‘valentines cards’ were exchanged, is the exchange of gifts between one another. Indeed, very little has changed in relation to the types of gifts that are exchanged, sweets, chocolates, flowers and cards are still popular, while the modern market has utilised this day to offer more fanciful and creative products, including anything heart shaped, ranging from lights, necklaces, rings, cushions and boxes, to more practical Valentine's themed notepads, cufflinks and various other arts and crafts. All of your Valentine’s day desires and more can be found on the DaWanda Valentine’s day gifts list. Valentine’s day offers you the chance to be creative with your gifts, after all, you are the person who knows your partner best, you know they’re likes and dislikes, so use this info to come up with a special and memorable Valentine’s day gift and Valentine cards this February. In addition, the DaWanda gift finder section offers you a selection of what we believe to be some of our most romantic personalized valentine’s gifts.

valentine’s day what to wear valentine’s day accessoires

Worried about what to wear?

Often left until the last minute, but vitally important in regards to a smooth and successful Valentine’s day is your choice of clothing. In order to dress suitably, it is first necessary to know what kind of Valentine's date yours will be. For the traditional meal, the chances are you will be taken to a smart restaurant. Indeed, feel free to dress up as much as you want, as this is an occasion to go all out in an attempt to look your very best. If you’re women, think sexy and chic, as your valentines date will be reminded exactly why you are his valentine. For this type of event it is often best to think big with the gifts. Nothing tops off a romantic evening than beautiful and unexpected gifts. Jewellery for women is always welcomed, while DaWanda’s selection of arty gifts is a perfect token of your love for your male partner, as both are sure to stand the test of time. However not all dates are so formal as a dining out experience. Whether you go to the cinema or stay in, remember, sometimes Valentine’s day is just about showing you care. More simple gifts such as cushions, personalised toys or even a personalised mug can put a smile on your loved ones face. It simply lets your loved one know that this is a special day and that they are worth the effort.

How to make your Valentine’s day run smoothly

It is also of great importance to think through what you will do on Valentine’s day. What you do not want is to put time and effort into selecting the perfect gifts, acquiring the perfect outfit, looking your best and then the night to fail miserably, for lack of forward planning. Now the classic Valentine's date would surely consist of a dinner at a smart restaurant. If this is your valentine’s date of choice, then you must ensure the restaurant is suitable, and the table has been booked. When talking about a suitable restaurant, what we mean is one that fits the mould for the date you were imagining. If you and your partner are getting dressed up, make sure you are not going to a restaurant that is too busy or too empty. If you’re envisaging something more casual for your date, ensure you do not end up at a restaurant surrounded by immaculately dressed diners. All this is very important, however rule number one is ‘always remember to book a table!’ There is nothing worse than making an effort, and looking forward to the Valentine’s day meal to be told the restaurant is full, a very real possibility on Valentine’s day. Alternatively, keep it simple and make this a night of quality time for you and your loved one. Spend it going to the cinema, going for a walk in the day, or even cooking a meal for one or other, or even together in the evening. Whatever the day holds for you, don’t feel the pressure to be over extravagant. Cater your day to the desires, needs and preferences of yourself and your partner.

Buying gifts for him and her

Although in theory selecting gifts for Valentine’s day should be relatively easy, time and thought should go into selecting an extra special gift for February 14th. Now selecting gifts for women is often a little bit easier than selecting gifts for men. As already mentioned, flowers, chocolates and cards are sure to go down well, but why not think outside the box. His and hers jewellery can be a classy and timeless indication of your love for your partner, with the guarantee of long lasting memories whenever the item of jewellery is looked at, however many years down the line that may be. Love locks also are a traditional Valentine’s day gift, with padlocks, often engraved with a message of devotion coupled with a key and bow signify the lock on one side being the heart, and the key being the one thing that can unlock the heart. Again a gift such as this has the ability to stand the test of time, and in years to come can be looked back on to remind your loved one of the very special Valentine’s day years ago. Now in regards for buying Valentines gifts for men, this can be a little trickier. Of course men appreciate chocolates and cards expressing how much they are cherished by their loved ones. However, perhaps more fitting than flowers and love padlocks, would be a more creative gift. Something that represents all that Valentine’s day is about, with love and care put into buying the gift, while also catering to their more personal side. Why not explore the possibility of purchasing a discreet Valentine’s day necklace for men, suave Valentine’s day cufflinks, notepads, or even a watch. Once again, a little note or engraving on any one of these gifts would be ideal to make a lovely gift something more long lasting and sentimental. Alternatively, sometimes it is the smaller and more simple things that find a way to a man’s heart. Why not consider saving the costs of an extravagant present and go for something a little more understated. A cooked dinner is always a nice touch on Valentine’s day, and what better way to set the mood than with Valentine's decorations. These can range from hundreds of small paper hearts, to candles, cushions and wall decorations. Rather than something physical, maybe give your loved one an evening to remember.

Why choose DaWanda this February?

There are many advantages for doing your Valentine’s day shopping at DaWanda. Asides from this great guide on how to have a perfect Valentine’s day, we also have pages of gorgeous Valentine’s day related products just waiting for you to snap them up. As already suggested, our products have a huge variety and encapsulate all that is good about Valentine’s day, with love, care and good taste defining each gift. Not only does the DaWanda range cover all the key gift ideas previously mentioned, from sweets and chocolates to gifts and cards, but also each gift has an added dimension of love, quality and care. Each gift is absolutely unique as it has been designed by an individual craftsperson. The gifts are often sweet and tasteful, but most importantly for this day, show you really care. Made from a variety of materials, in a vast range of designs, our products are a token to really show you care. They are all handmade and therefore the unique nature of all these gifts gives each gift an additional degree of quality, emotion and love.